Primer Mundo La Hermandad Cabalito Cigars For SaleThe Primer Mundo La Hermandad cigars are another success from Sean Williams, a name that’s garnering more respect in the industry all the time. For this blend, Williams aggressively pursued a favorable manufacturing deal and found it with Abe Flores and his PDR Cigars factory. This partnership has paid off in a big way for Williams, his blend, and for tobacco enthusiasts at large. Its slot is in the brand’s premium line and is among the higher quality stogies available through the company.

A Brazilian Arapiraca forms the wrapper on the Primer Mundo La Hermandad cigars. The binder and filler are both from Nicaragua. This stick is available in three formats, including Caballito (5 x 50), Embajador (6 x 52) and Consejero (6 x 60). The wrapper is dark brown and has a little veining. It is dry to the touch and has good weight. The band is unusual in that it covers about half of the smoke. It features silver lettering on a black background. The band spells out the name of the brand and stogie, along with a bold “SEAN WILLIAMS” stamped across the background. The pre-light aromas consist of leather, chocolate and some faint floral notes.

Primer Mundo La Hermandad Consejero Cigars ReviewsThe first third of the Primer Mundo La Hermandad cigars starts off with an unexpected burst of white pepper
. This mellows out after a half-inch or so, which allows other flavors to rise up in its place. The chocolate notes present on the pre-light emerge and quickly become the dominant flavor for the first inch or so. After the first inch, a nutty flavor appears and takes over the dominant role from the chocolate. By the end of the first third, the chocolate and pepper are both secondary to the nutty flavor. The pepper is more noticeable on the retrohale at this point.

During the second-third, the nutty note is still the strongest flavor in the profile
. The pepper is strictly secondary in this part of the stogie and remains on the retrohale. The chocolate taste is secondary for long stretches of the second-third, though it does join the nutty flavor in a primary role intermittently. Also in the background, some reviewers detected some slight floral tastes that remain tertiary.

Affordable Primer Mundo La Hermandad Embajador Cigars SaleIn the final third of the Primer Mundo La Hermandad cigars, the pepper jumps back into a primary role with the nutty flavor. It is especially strong on the retrohale and leaves a distinct tingling in the nose. The chocolate is secondary in this part of the stogie, though it is joined by some earth notes that give it some additional depth. Reviewers note that the finish is quite strong and spicy giving the smoker everything it has in a few peppery kicks.

The burn on the Primer Mundo La Hermandad cigars is a little hot, but it can be controlled with steady draws
. Otherwise, both the burn and draw are sharp. This stogie is in the medium to full range in terms of strength, but it is full bodied from start to finish. If this blend is any indication, Sean Williams’ star is on the rise among tobacco aficionados.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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