Where To Find Primer Mundo Black Label Cigars Reviews OnlinePrimer Mundo Black Label cigars are described as having a combination of bold spices, aromatic cedar, and a subtle sweetness in the taste profile highlights. Though the company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, they source their fine tobaccos from Nicaragua and Panama. Founder and owner, Sean Williams, initially experienced his first smoke while on a cruise with friends. From that moment, he was hooked and decided to start his own small boutique company. An avid stogie aficionado, Mr. Williams creates blends based on what is going on his life at that moment. The balance of potency and mellowness in this stogie is an incredible feat.  Sean Williams searched for a more nuanced and complex tobacco to work with after his initial success with his Red and Blue Labels. He originally was hoping to work with some Ometepe tobacco, but that fell through. After working with different varieties, he hit upon the Habana Rosado Oscuro. He loved the blend of Nicaraguan and Panamanian tobaccos with the Habana. From there, his Black Label was born. This particular line is his personal favorite smoke for its varied flavor tones and balance.

A true balance of yin and yang, these stogies are a harmonization of heavy, potent notes with subtle, sweet mellow flavors. These hand-rolled stogies are wrapped in Habana Rosado Oscuro that lends spiciness and a little bite to the cigar. Reviewers have stated the wrapper feels silky to the touch with a nice sheen. The pre-light aromas are an unconventional fusion of mint and freshly popped popcorn.  Aficionados also remarked how easy it is to light and requires minimal touching up. The stogie produces a firm ash with an even burn line and the abundant smoke is creamy. The popcorn, mint, and creaminess are a promise of what will be one of the most tantalizing smokes you will experience.

With notes of spice, nuttiness, and cocoa, Primer Mundo Black Label cigars sound more like ingredients in a dessert dish than a cigar. However, these flavors are what make this particular stick one to be enjoyed. Reviewers stated during the first-third, the notes of cream, popcorn, and mint dissipates to allow the more potent notes of cedar and leather to arise. There is an elusive floral note, but reviewers cannot precisely describe it, yet all enjoyed it. Though heavier in nature, these notes are not overwhelming and provided an appealing interplay between them and the floral flavor. The middle third is a kick of spice, nuttiness, and cedar. Reminiscent of macadamias, the blend of sweet and spice bring a balance to the stogie that aficionados clamor over. The harmony of flavors delight the palate of both enthusiasts and novices alike. In the last third, cayenne pepper dominates the other flavors giving a wake-up call to the senses. Of all the flavors present, the spiciness is the most memorable for a majority of reviewers.

The brilliance of Primer Mundo Black Label cigars is that they are for every type of smoker – those who enjoy heavier bodied smokes to those who prefer lighter, sweeter ones. It comes in three different sizes: the Gran Toro, the Perfecto, and the Toro. The Perfecto is one of Mr. Williams’ favorites. Therefore, if looking for a well-balanced, superbly constructed cigar, this is the one for you.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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