Handmade CigarsBy definition, a handmade cigar is one that has been bunched, rolled, and trimmed by highly skilled, individual workers. These workers can either be individuals who bunch and roll the entire cigar, or they can be groups of individuals dividing the labor between the bunching and the rolling.  It really doesn’t matter.  The point is that the entire cigar is completely handmade from beginning to end. 

In order to find a handmade cigar that is just right for you, consider your own personal preferences, first.  Do you like cigars that taste mild, medium, or full-bodied in flavor?  You can almost always tell the difference by the color of the wrapper.  Normally, the darker the wrapper is, the more full-bodied its flavor is. 

Handmade cigars also have a mild sheen to their appearance.  There should be no veins in the surface.  There are many different colors of wrappers.  There are candela wrappers, which are a green type of color, natural wrappers, which are light brown in color, Colorado and Rosado, which are red in color, and Habano, Maduro, and Oscuro wrappers, which are all well-known to be dark brown. 

 These different colors are caused by the way the tobacco is grown.  The more direct sunlight that strikes the plants, the darker the leaves become. 

When you hold a handmade cigar, it should feel smooth and firm, with no soft spots.  Soft spots will cause even the very best of cigars to burn unevenly.  The cigar should not be too tight, because a tight cigar will have a very difficult draw.   

A handmade cigar is made up of three parts—the filler, the binder, and the wrapper.  Each of these parts serves a specific purpose.  The filler is the part in the middle.  All premium and fine cigars have long filler, meaning that it runs the entire length of the cigar.  Long filler is made of one half of an entire tobacco leaf that has been taken from one side of the main vein that runs down the center of its surface. 

The binder goes around the filler to contain it.  It is pliable and silky, and it is actually rougher than the wrapper.  It has no flavor, but it is essential because it helps give the cigar its shape and holding by the filler at just the right density. 

The wrapper on a handmade cigar is made from extremely high quality tobacco.  It has a smooth texture and feels oily to the touch.  It must burn steadily and contribute to taste.   

Handmade cigars are usually more expensive.  They are often classified as premium or super premium cigars.  The most coveted handmade cigars in the world cost upwards of twenty dollar a piece.  A few cost over a hundred.  

However, simply purchasing a handmade cigar does not guarantee you a premium cigar.  While all premium cigars are all indeed handmade, there are always individual cigars that are flawed, and there are cheap imitations all over.  That is why you must inspect what you buy and ask the right questions before you spend your money.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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