Zino Platinum Crown Cigar For Sale Zino Platinum Crown cigars are handmade. They are premium cigars that have been given accolades by those that enjoy this pastime. It is without saying that these sticks have received countless ratings on the high end because this tobacco product exudes sheer quality from start to finish.

The Zino Platinum Crown Series is the top offering from the Zino line. The Series comes in four sizes: The Toro Grande 6 x 60, the Perfecto 5⅞ x 61, the Churchill 7½ x 50 and the Chubby Especial 5 7/8 x 61.

For a cigar smoker who loves the best, this is truly one of those cigars they certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on. It has been described as being a wonderfully full-bodied cigar featuring carefully aged tobacco leaves. The fillers mature for up to five years. The blend is 75% of ligero fillers and 25% Peru tobacco. The binder ages for four years. The wrapper comes from Ecuador and is allowed to age for two years.

Reviewers all described this cigar line as:


The wrapper is nothing less than beautiful. The band is specially made for this line of cigars.


The cigar is well packed and without any soft places throughout the body of the smoke. They are made in the Dominican Republic and the wrapper is Connecticut and Ecuadorian grown. The binder is Connecticut filler.


The initial light up of the Zino Platinum Crown gave way to a taste of cocoa. Also noted was a slightly woodsy hint of flavor. Another nice flavor that was present was that of a very slight coffee aroma. Throughout the first third of the cigar it was noted that the woodsy taste came through a little more. This woodsy taste was described as being the taste of something that is blackened in cooking. The cocoa and coffee could still be detected, but the woodsy flavor was the most noticeable.

The delightful woodsy flavor remained into the second third. However, there was a slight period of cocoa taste that was rather creamy. The smoke began to have a bit of a buttery aroma about half way through the second third of this stick. These other flavors were present, but the woodsy taste seemed to steal the show thus far.

In the final third of the Zino Platinum Crown the woodsy taste seemed to dissipate somewhat. This was replaced in prominence by the cocoa and coffee flavors once again.

The experience of smoking this cigar was an overwhelming success as recanted by countless reviewers. Its complexity rivals any other cigar. First puffs brought a very vibrant tobacco flavor that was in the background throughout the smoke. There were very nice woody and peppery notes that continued throughout from start to finish. This is a very enjoyable full bodied cigar.

Zino Platinum Crown is a marriage of the cigar making traditions of the past and the culture of cigar productions of the future. They come in a variety of shapes, and there is an equally wonderful array of flavors and aromas that all combine to offer a very special line of cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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