Wrapper: Nicaraguan                             Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan                                   Strength: Medium Full

PIO VIO Overture CigarThe PIO VI Overture cigar is named after Pope Pious VI. The 1996 line is one of the Overture series. The story behind this line is a sweet one; Alberto Medina was in a legal battle for three years because someone tried to steal the “PIO” name. This line was released upon winning the legal battle. I have found there are only about six hundred boxes that were released to a limited number of  cigar stores. The cigar is a surprising one, with a rustic look and a classic flavor.

Upon cold draw of the PIO VI Overture the most noticeable flavor is a sweet earthiness that is enticing. The cigar is marbled in color, the dark brown winding into the light brown colors. It has a triple cap. There are no soft or hard spots felt and it is heft in the hand. The draw gives just enough resistance. There is a peppery spice that is strong even before lighting this stick. It is handsomely wrapped in onion paper, and once that is removed there are several veins, but they do not present a problem while enjoying this smoke. The burn line of this stick can sometimes venture of a bit, but corrects itself before needing help.

This wonderful cigar presents a substantial amount of smoke that leaves an aftertaste of pepper and spice on the lips. It is said that the first noticeable flavor is a woody flavor, with a touch of sweetness that reminds one of scotch. The pepper and spice is a constant throughout the entire smoking experience, from before it is lit and all the way through the last puff. During the middle of the first third the cigar picks up in flavor. Many say the earthy flavor is tobacco, others say woods and nuts, it may just be a combination of the three, whatever the case may be, the PIO VI Overture has been very well received.

The middle of the PIO VI Overture is a little tart, with the black pepper and spice picking up quite a bit and it lingers on the palate and in the sinus cavity. There is oak that is noticeable as well in the middle of this cigar. The spice turns woody at this point and there is a touch of earth and leather. The sweet flavoring stays constant right behind the spice of the cigar. It has a dryness about it that is also enjoyable, much like a fine wine.

Overall the PIO VI Overture makes one think of the story of The Ugly Duckling, with it looking a bit rough at first and making the smoker a bit nervous as to how it is going to taste. But once lit it turns into quite a fine tasting cigar, and the duckling has turned into a swan. The flavors are more simple than complex. This is more of an after dinner cigar, as it is a smoke to be enjoyed in your leisure. Many are pleasantly surprised by the flavor due to the first impression of this cigar. Give it a try and you will be surprised too.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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