Pinar del Rio Reserva Dominicana Red Cigars are must-haves in the humidor.The Pinar del Rio Reserva Dominicana Red cigars began with only a limited number of smokes available, yet once it hit full release status, it became a favorite among aficionados. This medium to full bodied stogie out of the Dominican Republic is in the minority with its Oscuro wrapper and Entubado construction. From its deep-toned skin to the consistently flavorful core, numerous reviewers agree that Pinar del Rio Reserva Dominicana Red cigars provide affordable satisfaction.


With Abraham Flores leading the way, the PDR brand has produced superior smokes from the time of its launch in 2004. Their boutique factory is located in Tamboril, Dominican Republic and they believe they have utilized a trio of tobaccos, Dominican, Brazilian, and Nicaraguan, to create outstanding medium bodied cigars. Their success and premium results are attributable to the highly experienced rollers Flores entrusts to assemble each stogie. The unique technique utilized, Entubado, involves a specific bunching of the filler tobaccos. The increased amount of leaves placed to maximize the draw is a result of the more significant bunch that is constructed with this method.


Pinar del Rio Reserva Dominicana Red cigars, also referred to as the PDR 1878 Capa Oscura, started out in late 2010 with a restricted production of just under 2000 boxes. Their full unveiling occurred in 2011 at the annual IPCPR event. In addition to being among just a few smokes wrapped in the country's Oscuro wrapper, it stands out as one of the most full bodied blends from that location. The fine craftsmanship is said to be evident immediately. The wrapper goes through a specialized fermenting and aging process and includes the utmost amount of leaves in order to create the ideal pig tail cap and closed off foot. Visually it is left with a dark and glossy exterior.


Typically available in boxes of 20, this stogie is produced in a wide range of sizes. Beginning with the 5.25 x 44 Corona, it moves up to the Robusto, Double Robusto, Toro, Torpedo, Lancero, Churchill, and finally the Double Magnum at a hefty 6 x 60 gauge.


Aficionados lucky enough to find some Pinar del Rio Reserva Dominicana Red cigars agree on its excellent qualities right out of the humidor. Surrounding the praised wrapper is a double band of silver and red. The pre-lit aroma is described as spicy with hints of cocoa, with the spicy aromas increasing upon cutting. Once ignited the smoke production is immediate as the chocolate and spice notes continue. Next the flavors of leather and nuts arise in the background. The middle portion of the smoke carries on the initial flavors of sweetness and peppery spice along with hints of leather.


It is said to have a slow and even burn as well as an ideal draw throughout. The final stage of the stick sees the subtle hints of wood and leather added to the continuing flavors of spice and chocolate. The strength is magnified towards the end of the smoking experience. Reviewers also appreciated the great clouds of thick and fragrant smoke from start to finish. The gray ash is said to hold strong all the way through.


This smoke that began with limited availability is now produced in larger numbers, shining a spotlight on both Flores and the PDR brand. From the Cuban traditions practiced within their factory to the superior tobaccos utilized, it comes as no surprise that so many cigar connoisseurs snap up all the Pinar del Rio Reserva Dominicana Red cigars as soon as they find them.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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