If you are looking for the ideal gift for the cigar aficionado in your life, personalized humidors are the perfect thing to wow them. Serous Cigars’ laser engraver can etch your loved one’s initials or name into any of their fine humidors. These cigar cases are essential to keep your aficionado’s stogies at optimal flavor and burn rate.


There are four different designs:

  • Table: often seen in smaller and boutique cigar stores, these cases hold anywhere from a few hundred cigars to a few thousand.

  • Travel: they are the most portable and smallest type, holding from ten to forty cigars.

  • Personal: though slightly larger than travel size, they are used in the home or office. They can hold from thirty to one hundred cigars.

  • Room: An aficionado’s dream! An entire room that has been converted to the sole purpose of keeping cigars at optimum levels — usually only found in large cigar stores or smoking bars (or a very serious stogie smokers home).

Personalized humidors are an exceptional gift to commemorate those extraordinary occasions in our lives. They are excellent as gifts for groomsmen, executives, new graduates, retirees, or new dads. These beautiful cases are handcrafted, made of specially harvested wood and are known for their longevity and reliability. Serious smokers are passionate about humidity and its effects on cigars. They take their investment in a humidor very seriously — they know you get what you pay for. Serious Cigars offers the finest handcrafted, wooden humidors, and some with locks to keep the curious at bay.


Serious Cigars’ humidification systems are self-regulating and provide the optimal humidity to preserve the stogie’s individual flavor and ensure an ideal burn rate. Just take a look on their website under the Humidification link for a list of their available cases. Aficionados will love seeing their names or initials etched into their very own personalized humidors and will cherish them forever.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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