Buy Personalized Humidors For Cigars Online Personalized humidors are a perfect and unique gift for any cigar connoisseur. While these storage units are a must for preserving the quality of smokes, a custom-made piece is sure to stand out and bring sophistication to the collection inside.  

This form of equipment is an essential component of cigar ownership. No matter the size or construction material, they provide a continuous level of moisture for cigars as well as pipe tobacco. Typically the level of dampness is in the 68-72% range depending on the owner's personal preference. Anything over 75% can result in the potential harvesting of harmful tobacco beetles. With the help of a high-quality hygrometer, this internal atmosphere helps maintain cigar flavor and maximize their overall burn rate. 

From a smaller travel or personal piece to a larger cabinet or walk-in unit, humidors are most commonly constructed of wood such as Honduran Mahogany, American Red Cedar, and the most desirable Spanish Cedar due to its remarkable ability to retain high levels of moisture. Spanish Cedar, which originates from the rain forests of Brazil also deters tobacco beetles, provides an added boost of aroma to the stored contents and does not warp as other types of wood might. It is not unheard of to find exterior casings made of alternative materials including metal, acrylic glass, and silicon carbide with a wood veneer lining the inner core. 

While this equipment is a must-have for cigar smokers, personalized humidors in particular make for one-of-a-kind gifts. Whether the recipient is a social smoker or a real aficionado, Serious Cigars can add any desired level of individuality to their handcrafted boxes. From birthdays and Christmas to wedding parties and graduations they are sure to be a treasured keepsake for any cigar enthusiast. 

The laser engraver employed by the professionals at Serious Cigars has endless design capabilities. Monograms, favorite quotes, company logo, family crest, or even a school or sports team name....the sky's the limit. The vision may be one of sophistication for a desktop or the centerpiece for a prized man cave, yet the unique attributes which personalized humidors can bring to any space is sure to make the recipient proud to show it off.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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