Modern technology now makes personalized cigar cutters possible, and these can be the perfect item for any tobacco enthusiast. A huge variety of images or phrases can be etched into the surface of the accessory using a gentle laser. This technology is safe and does no damage to the item, so it will not alter the function or reduce the lifespan of the accessory. With so many customization options available, these accessories are appropriate for many situations and make an ideal gift.


What are some good opportunities to give out personalized cigar cutters?


Tobacco enthusiasts are usually passionate about their hobby so they will welcome a gift like this any time. Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s or Mother’s Day are perfect occasions for such a gift. These pieces are even better when featured with other customized tobacco accessories as they can help finish off an aficionado’s collection. When displayed, these items can draw much attention from other smokers so a beautifully designed custom accessory can make a great show piece.


They can help make a good, strong first impression. First impressions are one of the most important things in business so something that is personalized can help in this area. While many companies and professionals rely on boring business cards, most of which will go in a wallet and never be seen again, personalized cigar cutters and other accessories can be an excellent way to snag an important client. When a stogie-loving executive flies into town to negotiate business, one of these customized accessories can help form a productive bond between companies.


With precise laser technology, a business can engrave a logo into accessories or an aficionado can hand out a number of accessories to close friends.

What are other items that can be customized with this technology?


Serious Cigars offers an enormous selection of stogies, humidors, lighters, ashtrays and other items, most of which can be customized with lettering or imagery. For diehard aficionados, putting together unique gift baskets of cigar accessories, all with the same engravings, can be highly enjoyable. Together, these accessories can provide the perfect conversation piece in an office or display case.


Fortunately, the laser used during the process is also gentle enough to be used on smokes. It’s crucial to protect the integrity of the wrapper or the blend’s taste may be completely thrown off. It is especially true if the wrapper was burned prior to smoking. With that in mind, laser engraving creates only a superficial image in the surface of the stogie or accessory. While this image is permanent, it does not penetrate into the item. Instead, it creates a contrast image, lightening up the target area so that it stands out.

This technology offers a number of possibilities for any enthusiast, making it possible to enjoy sticks, and this hobby in a singular way.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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