Perdomo Squared Box PressedThe Perdomo 2, pronounced Perdomo Squared as any cigar smoker in the know would say, is a unique edition to the Perdomo cigar line, and because they are pressed into the box, these cigars are actually square.  

Perdomo Squared was introduced by Tabacalera Perdomo to have a wider reach into the premium cigar arena. It is made from a new blend making this a medium to full-bodied cigar. For extra effect the cigars generally come in a 40-count Spanish cedar box.  

This is a maduro cigar, making it as rich on flavor as it is on history. The cigar itself is made at the Perdomo factory in Nicaragua. It sports a dark wrapper that is splotchy in color, and often has both oily spots as well as a few dry spots. But this particular cigar is very tightly packed with a small give at its foot.  

As with all maduro wrapper cigars, there is a deeper, richer flavor, and the Perdomo squared is no exception. It has the spicy flavor you would expect, coupled with a hint of coffee. The cigar features a sweeter taste as the burn continues. Many consider this to be a feature of the maduro wrapper.  As the cigar continued to burn it became sweet and chocolaty.  

Nick Perdomo decided to bring back the Perdomo Squared with a slightly different blend that he said he “tweaked”.  This incarnation fixed some of the early burn issues and now comes from the most exclusive parts of Nicaragua.  They also are producing this cigar in two varieties. The Sun-grown maduro, dark and oily, offers a rich flavor experience, while the natural is thick and chewy.  Both are said to be bold and medium to full bodied, making this a uniquely satisfying smoke for any cigar lover.  

The Perdomo family has a long history in the cigar industry, making this return to this cigar is a seemingly natural move on their part. Originally from Cuba, founder Silvio Perdomo learned how to make cigars while living in Cuba, starting at the Cuesta y Cia factory, and then moving on to H Upmann for almost 9 years. He finally landed at the Partagas until 1959. Son Nick Senior decided that cigar manufacturing was a good career path and started at the  Marin and Trujillo factory until he learned enough to move on to the Partagas factory.  

The family was doing well until the rise of Fidel Castro. Silvio was not a Castro supporter and was against what was called New Cuba. He was eventually arrested and then jailed at the Isle of Pines prison, one of the worst prisons in all of Cuba.  

Nick Sr., also not a Castro supporter was almost killed himself by what seemed to be a near fatal attack perpetrated by the Communists who felt that maybe Nick Sr. was involved with former Cuban president Batista. Nick said he was not involved directly but felt that maybe he was targeted because Batista was very interested in Perdomo and how they were making their cigars.  

Nick was able to move to Baltimore and eventually Miami, where Silvio was finally released from prison and able to join his family.  

Starting small in 1991 with a factory in Little Havana, the Perdomo family made enough to move the entire operation to Nicaragua in 1996. This was a turning point for Tabacalera Perdomo, unfortunately Silvio did not live long enough to see his family’s monster success as one of the predominant players in the cigar industry. 

The Perdomo Squared is only one of the fine cigars produced by the Perdomo family.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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