Perdomo Special Edition Double Aged Vintage Maduro Cigars ReviewPerdomo Special Edition Double Aged Vintage cigars have a twelve-year-old Maduro filler. As one of the finest, premium hand-rolled cigar makers, their latest offering is carefully aged in oak bourbon barrels to bring out the full-bodied taste. A dynastic Cuban tobacco family, Tabacalera Perdomo hands down its tobacco secrets from generation to generation. The family fought against Castro’s revolutionaries of the Cuban Revolution and paid dearly for it. Grandfather Silvio and his son, Nick Sr., were imprisoned and kept under harsh conditions. Silvio emigrated to the U.S. in 1974 with Nick Sr. and his family following two years later. Nick Jr. wanted to follow in his family’s cigar-making footsteps, but his only experience had been smoking them. In the early 90s, he launched the current company’s predecessor, Nick’s Cigar Co., from his garage. They went against the mild cigar trend that was current at the time by producing full-bodied stogies. The first year, they sold over 9,000 cigars. Finding expansion tough in the U.S., his father came out of retirement and helped open the production facility in Nicaragua. The move saved the company, and the Tabacalera Perdomo facility is now the second largest in the country. 

What makes the Perdomo Special Edition Double Aged Vintage Maduro cigars exceptional? To begin, a carefully selected premium tobacco blend undergoes a proprietary double aging process. The leaves mature for ten years before being placed inside the bourbon barrel to mature for two more years. This process creates a beautiful looking stogie. The wrapper is a coppery-russet brown color with slight veining and tight seams. The cigar itself is Nicaraguan Puro with the wrapper, binder, and filler leaves sourced from Nicaragua. 

Aficionados have been waiting for this cigar. Reviewers have stated the first third of the cigar dominates with a rich chocolate cake flavor with hints of mint. There are some notes of spice and coffee that help to balance out the sweetness. The chocolate flavor subsides a bit, and a coffee flavor begins to come forward. The retrohale is all spice with slight hints of mocha. The last third of the stogie is a balanced blend of the chocolate, coffee, and spice that help to cap off this exceptional smoke. 

The Perdomo Special Edition Double Aged Vintage Maduro is the last of the three Double Aged Vintage releases for 2014. This is a limited production cigar with only 2,500 boxes being manufactured. They come in five vitolas – the Robusto (5x56), Epicure (6x56), Churchill (7x56), Salomon (6 ⅛ x 50/60), and the Gordo Extra (6 ½x60). This is a severely limited release with only 250 retailers worldwide receiving them.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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