Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Sun Grown cigars please palates across the spectrum.The Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Sun Grown cigars are one of the few mild stogies that get positive reviews across the spectrum. From neophytes to weathered aficionados, this stick has the flavor and feel to please them all. It has made several top 10 lists and has garnered a few mid-90s ratings among industry publications. This blend is one of the most popular produced by the company, so they are lavished with attention on both the construction and the look.


This stogie comes with a Connecticut Shade wrapper and Cuban seed binders and fillers grown in Nicaragua. The Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Sun Grown cigars are available in eight vitolas, including Figurado (4 3/4 x 56), Robusto (5 x 54), Corona Extra (5 5/8 x 46), Magnum 50 Tube (6 x 50, packaged in a tube), Epicure (6 x 54), Super Toro (6 x 60), Torpedo (7 x 54) and Churchill (7 x 54).


The wrapper, like most Connecticut Shades, is thin and fragile. It is light brown and is extremely smooth and evenly packed. The band is orange, gold and black, and has a classy, traditional look. The brand mark is stamped up top, with the words “10th Anniversary” placed beneath in gold on black. The pre-light aromas are said to be faint and consist of some natural tobacco and grassy notes. The burn needs to be watched because it is a Connecticut Shade, but it doesn’t put up much fuss, and the draw is superb.


The first third of the Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Sun Grown cigars starts off smoother than most sticks. It combines some light cream flavors with some hay and black pepper notes. The overall profile is sweet, and some reviewers stated that it could stand in for desert. The cream flavor is the dominant taste and the black pepper is more apparent on the retro-hale. During this part of the stogie, hazelnut, coffee and almond butter flavors also emerge, combining in the background and sweetening the blend further.


In the second third of this stick, the black pepper grows in intensity and is joined by a mix of spices in the forefront. Reviewers found the spice mix to be unusual, not similar to baker’s spice or other popular spices like cinnamon or nutmeg in the least. The cream is still present in the second third, but takes on a backup role. The almond butter and hazelnut flavors fade out, but the coffee remains as a tertiary note.


The final third of the Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Sun Grown cigars develops the black pepper, spice and cream even further. The coffee drops out in this part of the stick, but the cream and spice combine to create a sweet, punchy mix. The black pepper is the dominant flavor, though, and delivers kicks of heat reliably until the end of the smoke.

Even though there are some spicy and peppery flavors in the Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Sun Grown cigars, most aficionados consider them mild bodied and mild in strength. Its flavors are well realized, though, and this makes it a worthy dessert stick or leisurely smoke. In most respects, it’s a mild stogie that can easily compete with much stronger sticks.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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