Wrapper: Corojo                                          Binder: Nicaraguan        

Filler: Nicaraguan                                         Origin: Nicaragua

Strength: Rich Robust

Perdomo Patriarch CigarsThe Perdomo Patriarch is a commemorative cigar and is said to come from Nick Perdomo Sr.’s father’s favorite blends of tobacco. This exquisite cigar is from tobacco grown from Estelí, Jalapa, and Condega, in Nicaragua; and available in Connecticut, Corojo, and Maduro. This cigar has two bands that are simple and serve a purpose, even though they are quite small. The band at the head states simply that this is a Perdomo cigar, and the one at the foot tells the smoker that the brand of the stick is a Patriarch.

A Perdomo Patriarch cigar has a few noticeable veins but not any that stand out as a problem. It has nice and noticeable oily sheen about it as well as even color thru out the length of the cigar. There are no imperfections such as tears, hard or soft spots, and a nice cap that cuts easily without unraveling. All in all this is a handsome looking cigar that is packed well with a nice firm feel to it when held. The initial smell is a mixture of barnyard and chocolate. A nice surprise is that the foot has a hint of berry to it. The cold draw reveals a sweet chocolate.

Once lit it only takes one or two puffs and the flavor becomes apparent. The ash of the cigar is salt and pepper in color, it had a nice compacted shape about it. There was a nice dense volume of smoke from this cigar, The initial flavor is an exciting mixture of cocoa, and earthy nuts, with a sweetness that tops it all of nicely. Predominantly noticeable is the coffee and cocoa taste left on the pallet that fades to sweetness. The flavor stays pretty consistent through the entire Perdomo Patriarch cigar it is rich and complex holding ones attention, and burns slowly enough to enjoy in its entirety. The burn line is thin and even with no need to relight the cigar. The flavor never lets up it all transfers to a cedar like flavor, while there is still a peanut buttery very creamy way about it. During the second third a honey tasting sweetness that presents itself; then moves to a darker chocolate earth like leather taste about the stick.

The head of the stick doesn’t lose its flare, it returns to the original coffee and mocha chocolate flavor that was noticeable in the beginning with a taste of caramel added the Perdomo Patriarch cigars hold their creaminess until the end which makes it quite an enjoyable smoke. Lastly there is a kick of earthy tobacco flavor that tops off the flavor of the head nicely.

In conclusion the Perdomo Patriarch Cigars are a family favorite in its tobacco mixture. It has two functional bands that are quite small and simple. The cold draw and scent of this robust and handsome cigar is nice and chocolaty sweet, with a hint of barnyard to it. There is a pleasant twist at the foot in which a berry scent is noticed. This line of cigars presents a salt and pepper colored ash that had a nice strong and solid. The flavor is consistently like and earthy peanut dipped in cocoa. The smoker will find a sweet spice in this cigar that stays creamy throughout. It is a slow burning cigar that is wonderful as an after dinner cigar.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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