Wrapper: Dark Connecticut         Binder: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium- Full                Filler: Nicaraguan

Origin: Nicaragua

Perdomo Nicks SticksThis cigar is a comeback from the original Perdomo Nick’s Sticks cigars rolled in Nick Perdomo’s garage and originally only available to the local market where he lived in Miami, Florida. Nick’s Sticks comes in three different wrappers Maduro, Sun Grown, and Connecticut. This cigar is referred to as a “Little Havana Maduro”. Despite the price being very affordable they are still hand rolled to perfection with a seamless cap, and well made. The tobacco is grown from a Cuban seed in the Perdomo owned fields of Jalapa, Nicaragua. They beat out all cigars in their price range in regards to flavor and the way they smoke.

They used their original Nick’s Sticks logo on the band of the new Perdomo Nick’s Sticks. There were no noticeable veins being smooth and it had a nice roll to it with no soft or hard spots. The cigar didn’t look like the value priced cigar that it was, yet it resembled a more premium cigar. The initial smell of this stick was sweet with a noticeable peppery spice that lingered on the nasal passage a bit, sort of a cinnamon type spice is noticed as well. The sweetness in the smell of the cigar is most noticeable before lighting it as well as in the cold draw. Overall the construction of this cigar is described by most as “above adequate” There is an earthiness about it before lit and after.

Once lit the Perdomo Nick’s Sticks cigar is earthy and sweet, revealing a tinge of cedar about it as well. It performs well once lit burning evenly with no need to touch up and holds a great ash about half the length of the stick itself, being tight and compact. In the first third the cinnamon like flavor is a well blended with the sweet mocha taste. The flavor of this cigar is a well balanced taste of sweet earthy cinnamon with the tingle of pepper to the nose.

Near the end of this line of cigars the peppery flavor dies down yet it doesn’t lose its kick. The middle was nice and smooth which carries into a succulent and predominant sweetness near the end. The entire cigar has a natural flavor about it, in the beginning it’s a natural tobacco which turns into a more cedar type flavor as it is smoked. This cigar is a nice addition to the Perdomo Cigar Line.

Over all the Perdomo Nick’s Sticks cigar line is one that is great for the novice cigar smoker, and is impressive to the more seasoned cigar smokers. These cigars have a sweet tobacco taste at the head and a more sweet earthy taste near the foot. The draw and smoke of this cigar is excellent and it seems to be becoming the cigar that tops most due to being so affordable. Originally a garage cigar and now a national cigar many will find that this cigar will be a great bar-b-q cigar to say the least. Packaged as a premium cigar and priced as a value cigar Nick Perdomo has brought forth a great cigar again!


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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