Perdomo Mini Cigarillos are Nicaraguan puros for every palateStogie aficionados who are pressed for time may consider the Perdomo Mini Cigarillos. The tobacco that is used in these smaller items comes from Nicaragua making all of them Nicaraguan puros. This petite product is also offered in three distinct wrappers. These unique stogies are available in Connecticut, Maduro, and Sungrown. All types measure 3 x 22 in size.


The company that manufactures these smaller creations has a rich and diverse history. The original roots for this organization began in Cuba. Father and son of this company both faced much adversity in Castro’s Cuba. For generations now, the company that bears the name Perdomo has produced excellent cigars.


It is important to note that each stogie will vary in taste and flavor depending on the type of wrapper that is used. All three types of Perdomo Mini Cigarillos have different wrappers.  The appearance and flavor all vary greatly depending on the contents. Some wrappers are grown in the shade while others are grown out in the sun. This will affect the appearance and taste of the product.


Each stick is quite different from the other. Some will be quite mild while others will have a full bodied flavor, all depending on how the product is blended. The particular smaller varieties are also packaged in different colored tin boxes.   The Connecticut variety is packaged in a lovely white tin that bears the company’s name. Each box contains 20 of these smaller sized stogies. Reviewers say that the light brown wrapper will produce a sweet taste and smell.  The Connecticut type is quite silky to the touch and does not have many veins per reviews. It is the mildest of the three.


Another stogie in the line to consider is the Maduro. This particular product is a bit different than the Connecticut. Reviewers have noted an overall velvety feel to this product. The wrapper is dark and veiny with a rich brown color. The taste and aroma is a bit stronger and sweeter with more complexities. Maduro type wrappers are more flexible, and can also be used to produce a potent and spicy flavor profile. Cigar companies have often used this wrapper because of its versatility. The unique tin box is black in color.


Sungrown wrappers are another option for enthusiasts. These particular types of Perdomo Mini Cigarillos are packaged in a 20 count bright red tin. As the name implies, these wrappers are grown directly in the sun as opposed to the shade. The wrapper will therefore be veinier in appearance. Also, when these leaves are grown correctly the taste and aroma will be quite sweet.


For those interested in a small, high quality stogie, Perdomo Mini Cigarillos meet that niche. Each unique tin box showcases the twenty items in a pleasing manner. Available in three distinct wrappers, this product has enough diversity to please many different tastes. Visiting a local cigar shop or ordering online, can quickly add these to one’s personal humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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