Wrapper: Dark Connecticut              Binder: Nicaraguan                Strength: Medium- Full

Filler: Nicaraguan                               Origin: Nicaragua

Perdomo Lot 23 CigarInterestingly enough the Perdomo Lot 23 cigar started as an experimental tobacco that was grown on a lot that Nick Perdomo designated just for this cigar. This Perdomo cigar tobacco was cultivated in 2000, from the untouched lot and turned out to be quite the successful experiment.  I find it to quite the rarity that an experiment of this nature would produce such a great cigar with an even greater background.

The  initial take on this stick is that it has a nice oily brown wrapper that glistened in the light. The cigar had a soft nutty smell before lighting it, with a touch of pleasant espresso. There are no noticeably large veins in the wrapper of this particular cigar. This stick is well packed with a band having artwork resembling a 1930’s sketch. The band comes off as large yet attractive. Simple yet elegant to say the least. When lit the Perdomo Lot 23 has a draw and burn was consistently perfect the entire time it is smoked. The cap of this cigar cuts perfectly and the ash was a very light gray color and held nicely, and I didn’t find it to be flakey in the least bit.

This cigar was full of a nutty flavor throughout it, and I found the flavor to resemble roasted nuts with a slightly leathery finish. It is a uniquely original cigar when compared to most cigars I enjoy this one comes with  an espresso flavor that hangs in the background of nutty goodness.  The nutty flavor dies down just a bit in the second third of this stick and it becomes more earthy and wood like. I noticed a hint of cedar which complements the nutty flavor nicely, while smoking all of my Perdomo Lot 23 cigars, which I find quite tasty. This stick was no different having that cedar like flavor to it as well.

As you progress through this cigar the cedar flavor tends to level off and the nuttiness returns. The nutty flavor gets stronger as you progress through the stick which I find to be a wonderful contrast to the faint espresso flavor topping off this cigars original flavoring. There was a creaminess that rested in the mouth, and a nice thick body of smoke to accompany the flavor of this cigar. At the end of this cigar the earthiness dies out into a rich creaminess.

All in all this cigar will make you think almonds and walnuts to say the least. It is a very different flavor than most with the faintest peppery touch. There are twelve cigars offered in this line, I find them all to be a nice addition to the sweeter nightcaps.  The Perdomo Lot 23 cigars are recommendable to say the least especially since they are priced so reasonably. I think this cigar is a great cigar for not just the seasoned smoker but the beginners as well. I am going to pick up another five or so during my next trip to the cigar store.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


@Kyle Michelin

I have to say, as a new enthusiast... I've been soaking up all the reading I can, to learn what I may, so I can make the experience a full and enjoyable one! After picking up a lot 23 from a local shop, I set out to make my first honest attempt at detecting the subtle stages throughout the smoke. I felt like I picked up these, even vocalizing almonds, and the lack of pepper, the hint of wood ( could not pinpoint which). And then hopped online to see if others shared my view. Reading your review was like reading my own thoughts combined with prose of skilled writer! Thank you sir, it added to the overall enjoyment.

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