Perdomo Habano CorojoThe first thought that comes to most peoples mind is that the Perdomo Habano Corojo is strangely named. It is a habano, but is it also a maduro? Yes to both, the term “habano” is used pretty loosely in the tobacco industry, so there is bound to be a little confusion. This confusion comes from the fact that the Perdomo Habano Corojo has been issued the same blend in either maduro or “habano” wrappers. One problem here is that in one case the wrappers distinct description refers to the processing (maduro) and in another description it refers to the seed-type (habano).

In general, “habano” is just another word for tobacco grown from Cuban seed. Needless to say, this covers a variety of cigar tobacco that isn't necessarily identified as “habano.” This is the reason why Perdomo cigars can issue a single blend with three different wrappers, and call them all Habano--because in this case “habano” isn't just a wrapper type it is also the seed-type.

Perdomo's Habano line was introduced in the industry in 2007 and it comes in two varieties: Perdomo Habano Corojo and Perdomo Habano Maduro. Both of them are Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in Nicaragua. To compound the confusion, Perdomo released the Habano Connecticut (with a non-habano, Connecticut-seed shade wrapper) in 2008.

These Cuban-seed tobaccos are from three major growing areas of Nicaragua from the heart of the Perdomo Habano. In essence, this is where cigar smoking originated. Tobaccos that are grown in Esteli, Condega, and the Jalapa Valley certainly have their own distinct qualities, and they are blended to make them their very best.

The Perdomo Habano Corojo is an attractive cigar that sports a smooth wrapper that has a slight sheen. The torpedo is wrapped quite nicely and comes to a sharp point that skews a bit off-center. The robusto has a firm, well-shaped head. The pre-light draw is quite excellent. Both sticks burn evenly, while producing an ash that holds very well. This is a good, robust cigar overall.

This blend opens boldly with a good smack of spice on the tongue and palate. After a minute or so it relaxes into leather with a soft cocoa note. The smoke is smooth, but it also has a sharp aftertaste. The middle section finds the flavors gradually getting a bit darker, but not really changing a lot. The cocoa notes stretch out a bit more and begin taking on a mocha-like quality, with the leathery flavor following slowly behind. The aroma is pleasant and heavy. The last section is mixed with a punch of leather and spice. The smoke texture is medium-bodied, yet powerful and biting. The aftertaste is earthy and the finish is off the charts, to say the least. As with many full-flavored cigars, the Perdomo Habano Corojo is not lacking in subtlety. It is an enjoyable smoke, and a good bargain in many cigar shops and stores. This would be a wonderful gift for someone who enjoys a robust and flavorful cigar. Indulge in one of these gems while hanging out with friends and relaxing.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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