Perdomo Habano ConneticutThe Perdomo Habano Connecticut cigar is adorned with a light colored Connecticut shade wrapper with just a few discolorations. There is less oil in the Perdomo Habano Connecticut cigar than other cigars, but other than that it is a nearly perfect, well-made cigar.

Aside from the American wrapper, the filler and the binder tobaccos are grown in Nicaragua (Estelli, Condega, and Jalapa). The reviews on this fine cigar have stated that creaminess is the first intense flavor, which is then followed by an oak flavor. These are the main flavors in the Perdomo Habano Connecticut cigar. It also seems to have a toasty flavor that nestles in the background and is a relatively smooth cigar to smoke and relax with after a long day. The toasty flavor that is in the background seemingly wants to just burst out like a caged animal escaping the zoo, and a hint of spice has often been reported when this occurs. This spicy flavor is slightly hidden when the cream and oak flavor come out once again, however, it is definitely there snuggling up with the rest of the flavors of this uniquely flavored cigar.

The Perdomo Habano Connecticut is a medium-full bodied cigar and has a good draw and burns slowly, which is a big plus, especially in this day and age when cigars are in such competition with one another. One of its often-stated characteristics is that it is an enjoyable smoke, and the medium to full flavors within are enjoyable to smoke with not a lot of complexity. It is a specialty cigar that is very well crafted, and one that may make you think about purchasing a humidor.

The Perdomo Habano Connecticut is very smooth and elegant, the golden brown Connecticut wrapper is a beautiful covering for a cigar that has a superb flavor profile that has been found to be bursting forth with flavor notes that are woodsy, creamy, nutty, and a toned down spiciness. When unlighted this unique cigar offers a pleasing nutty scent with a surprising zest of creamy citrus at the foot. Though it may not rate highly with those palates that prefer a more full-bodied strength, this Habano is one of the nicest medium full-bodied cigars around. It has a subtle flavoring, with less brawn, with its satisfying blend of imported tobaccos and can be purchased from most any cigar store.

The interplay between the spicier and heavier fillers and binders with that of the lighter Connecticut wrapper join together to add an interesting zeal to this flavorful profile, and smoothness to the experience of cigar smoking. The deep gold Connecticut wrapper gently envelops a cigar that has an aroma reputed to be marvelous and enticing to cigar smokers, whether unlighted or lighted. The cold draw is easy and has a touch of citrus in the beginning, followed by a creamy, spicy, and nutty flavor upon lighting. Those flavors zig and zag their way through the Habano until a burst of almond enters its way into the picture. It is not overwhelming offers the smoker with an isle of peace in any storm.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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