Perdomo Grand Cru The Perdomo Grand Cru cigar line is the latest gem from Nick Perdomo, Jr. The blend is well balanced with all Cuban seed (Semilia Habano) wrappers, binders, as well as fillers. These fine tobaccos are exquisite, and the crop was specially selected and aged well, specifically for this cigar. Only the very best tobaccos from the Perdomo farm of 2004 were used. Perdomo Grand Cru offers the smoker a bold and satisfying cigar, full of a variety of flavors. This magnificent smoke is available with either a Maduro wrapper, or a Corojo wrapper, which makes it a matter of personal preference.

These Perdomo Grand Cru cigars are packaged in elegant suave boxes of 20, and are available in four traditional sizes including: Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 50), Torpedo (6 x 54), Churchill (7 x 50).

The band wrapped around the cigar is quite handsome, but it commonly causes a bit of confusion for some when trying to differentiate the corojos from the maduros. One difference between the bands on the maduro and the corojo is the distinct colors of the backgrounds. The maduro has a much darker brown background, while the corojo has an orange tan color. It does state this fact on top of the box, but is not always easy to see when the boxes are in the humidor.

People that smoked this stick have said the following about its characteristics:

The Perdomo Grand Cru is consistently a well-made cigar with no draw problems whatsoever, though the lighter was a little too often in play. The cigars were unique in the flavor department and they hold a reasonably long and satisfying ash. The profile of this distinct cigar was well balanced, though it only had one flavor profile. Paradoxically, it was an ever-changing smoke because of developing notes within the profile from one puff to another. The noted flavors included both sweet and dark chocolates, earth, pepper, and caramel flavorings.

Some cigars take you on a journey, through the various degrees of thirds, however this cigar was more of a full-bodied flavor all the way through. Each puff had a slight tinge of a different mixture of the flavor palate. By the time the ashes of the first third rested in your ashtray you will know exactly what to expect from the rest of the smoke. The Perdomo Grand Cru is a great smoke for periods of reflection because of the constant, yet subtle flavor developments. It is a very enjoyable cigar to smoke and would be a quality gift to purchase for any of your cigar smoking friends. Allow them the pleasure of the flavor voyage! The small constant variations in flavor will keep their interest and leave them content to simply enjoy.

Any time of the year, the uniqueness and quality of this particular cigar family will keep your taste buds entranced and wanting to share it with fellow co-workers and friends alike. With a price that is just north of the budget border, you can't complain about the cost. Give the gift that will keep your popularity on the rise, and because it is so convenient to find in any cigar store, there will be no one left out on your gift list!


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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