Perdomo Fresco 2006 CigarThe Perdomo Fresco 2006 group is blended by combining some truly delectable tobaccos that are grown in the rich soil of Estilli. The Jalapa Valley region submits the binders that are carefully selected from the Perdomo's crops. The Perdomo Fresco 2006 strength blends go from mild to medium, and the wrappers are Jamastran Connecticut. Along with the fillers being Habano, as well as the binders, with the origin being Honduran.

The Perdomo Fresco 2006 Churchill is 7x 50 and there are two different colorings – one is natural, and the other is maduro. These new Perdomo Fresco blends are embraced with distinct flavorings of mild creaminess and smoothness that is very well balanced. The Perdomo Fresco Robusto is a 5 x 50 with a natural and maduro coloring, the Toro is a 6 x 50 with the same coloring. Then you also have the Torpedo, which is 6 x 54 adorning the same coloring as its brothers. This is a family of unique cigars have a quality that most bargain cigars do not. These cigars sport a Connecticut shade grown wrapper, with the Nicaraguan binders and fillers from the Jalapa Valley.

The Perdomo Fresco family wrapper is nice and smooth with a dim sheen. Both at the head and the foot is a wonderfully rich aroma. The cigar feels firm and evenly packed when pinched, and has no noticeable soft spots throughout. The pre light draw was superior, with a mild flavor and very little resistance. After lighting this cigar, it burned quite evenly, while producing an extensive volume of thick-bodied smoke.

The first third of this fantastic cigar came across as relaxing with a mild stimulus. The body is gratifying and the finish is extremely smooth, and quite creamy on the palate, lasting for a few lovely minutes and then quietly fading. The predominant flavor is that of a rich tobacco that is in conjunction with a pleasant nutty aftertaste. The burn is slow with the Perdomo Fresco 2006 family and produces an even, firm ash that hangs for about three fourths of an inch before needing to be cajoled off the cigar with a substantial tap. The draw had very little resistance and a beautifully mild and pleasant aroma filled the room while volumes of smoke permeate the air.

The second third of this quality cigar finds the body moving slowly towards the mild to medium range, however, just not quite making it to that point yet. The finish remained smooth and creamy while lying on the palate a minute or two, before slowly fading and leaving your mouth ready for the next puff. The base flavor suggested a nutty aftertaste with a rich tobacco flavor and virtually no nicaraguan blast to the flavor, as one might expect.

The last and final third of this relaxing Perdomo Fresco 2006 was similar to the earlier parts, with the exception of a slightly harsh bit that hit around the 1.5 mark. The mild to medium body has a smooth finish that is easy on the cigar smoker, while the base flavor remained a mildly nutty in flavor. The draw continues to be pleasant, and it provided a thick smoke of aromatic calmness. The aroma in the room was quite enjoyable, while the nice and steady burn remained, producing a firm ash. A pleasant cigar blend to just sit and enjoy and contemplate the world's issues.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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