Perdomo Estate Collection CigarsFew stogies elicit the response associated with the Perdomo Estate Collection series of cigars. Deeply aged tobaccos that come directly from the heart of Nicaragua are handcrafted by trained artisans to bring the taste of the fertile soil to smokers around the globe. The filler has been aged for five years utilizing only the finest Cuban seeds available. Each stick is aged within fine mahogany and cedar humidors to insure the highest quality and the most natural of flavorings.

Reviews have been high on this desirable brand of stogie. They are also appreciating the excellence from the presentation to the final waft of delectable smoke. Even the laser-sculpted stogie chest was said to be a stunningly lustrous addition to this family of popular cigars. A single Perdomo Estate collection series cigar can make the evening with its medium to full-bodied smoking experience.

Every purchase from the Perdomo Estate Collection series offers cigars that have been aged a minimum of 400 days within the luxurious wooden chest before it ever reaches a potential smoker. Luckily, there are plenty of popular choices for sizes that the potential smoker can choose from. This will allow each aficionado a choice for the ideal experience at any time of day.

Names such as the Aristocrata, the Imperio, the Monstro, the Prestigio, the Regente, and the Royale stand as testament to the superiority of each style and length of stogie provided by this highly respected company. The limited-edition offerings insure only the best tobaccos are utilized in the creation process using one of the leading tools in fine tobaccos...time. By aging the stogies before shipping to resellers, each stick has the chance to reach its maximum potential. This is not an assembly line smoke! This is a product known for its class and superiority.

Within the Perdomo Estate Collection series, there is a cigar that is sure to meet the highest standards of the manufacturer before ever reaching the lips of the smoker. Such strong requirements and expectations guarantee satisfaction for the consumer.

Those that have tried the collection say there are tastes of mild pepper, dark cocoa, and spice that meld together for an experience not soon forgotten. Better yet, the delicious blend of flavors found in the filler can be enjoyed with a choice of wrappers. The reviewers liked the fact that they were able to choose whether the wrapper was Habano Maduro, Ecuadorian Connecticut, or Ecuadorian Sun Grown. Each wrapper choice was said to bring a whole new experience to the smoker.

Generally, resellers will provide a combination of purchasing methods, from a single stick, a pack of five or a box of twenty. However, the popularity and superiority of this stick has made it a rarity to find for purchase. As an added benefit, the price is perfectly suited for purchasers to choose these for personal humidors as well as for gift giving.

The Perdomo Estate Collection series of cigars are highly prized by all levels of smokers. Each stick has been carefully handled to insure a better smoking experience. Multiple choices combined with years of expertise bring the world a better stick that is priced to find a home in more personal humidors.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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