Edicion De Silvio Cigar By PerdomoPerdomo Edicion de Silvio cigars have been called some of the best in the industry, providing the aficionado with a level of luxury that is rare. Before discussing the experience of smoking one of the rare Perdomo Edicion de Silvio cigars, it is important to understand where they come from. Nick Perdomo, Sr., an activist against the Communist revolution in Cuba led by Fidel Castro, escaped to the United States in 1974. Based in Miami, he began a business in what he knew best, cigars. He had been trained in the art of cigar-making in his early years. Along with his son, Nick, Jr., he began farming Cuban tobacco seeds in Nicaragua. The father and son team built an 88,000 square-foot facility in Esteli, Nicaragua, eventually employing over 2000 people. Even with that large number of employees, it is interesting to note that this offering is only made by five specific torcedors.

The Perdomo Edicion de Silvio cigars have a reason to be entrusted to only five artisans. They are made with tobacco that has been aging since 1997 in 50-year old spiced oak casks. Also, the tobacco mix used is a secret: only family members know its special formula. So meticulously are these made that each leaf is inspected closely. The family’s need for intimacy shows its loyalty to Nick Sr. and his vision of what this company would become. He had dreamt of it becoming one of the leaders in the industry, providing consumers with unique and remarkable smoking experiences. This specific tobacco formula and design were created by Nick Jr. in honor of his grand father.

They come in three different wrappers: natural, maduro, and African Cameroon. The three wrappers offer three distinctly different flavors. The natural wrapper—sandy-colored with few veins showing through—has a creamy sweetness, followed by a rich, earthy tone. The maduro wrapper is darker-toned, giving a sugary flavor with a hint of mocha. And lastly, the African Cameroon wrapper has a nutty flavor, with a similar mocha undertone. Due to the actual tobacco mix within the Perdomo Edicion de Silvio cigars, the flavors of the smoke with all three wrappers are somewhat similar. The first third is said to be creamy and nutty, with notes of pepper and cocoa coming through. It ends by settling into a delightful coffee flavor. The second third seems to be dominated by chocolate and cocoa. These flavors also smoothed out in this portion. And in the last third, they transition into a textured cocoa flavor, ending with a few additional hints of coffee and cinnamon as well.

The reviewers noted that before lighting, there were noticeable hints of chocolate. After lighting them, the tobacco mix exposes itself as a medium to full bodied blend. And yet, it is very elegant, hitting the palate smoothly, like velvet. When lit, they burned beautifully and the ash was shockingly white and tight. It stayed solid throughout the entire smoke. They all come with the company name etched in silver, encircling them and bands decorated with terra-cotta colored tobacco leaves against a black background. They are torpedo-shaped and light to hold. A quick tip that was noted by the reviewers was that the smoker should clip the cigar deeply enough, otherwise it will not drop properly. This will make for a flawless smoking experience.

Keeping in mind the luxury of the Perdomo Edicion de Silvio cigars, the average price for one is twenty-five dollars, making it a special occasion cigar for many aficionados. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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