Wrapper: Natural, Maduro, Cameroon                     Binder: Cuban Seed

Filler: Cuban Seed                                                    Strength: Medium Complex

Sizes: Petite Corona, Double Corona, Toro, Grovy, Keeney, No. 2 Torpedo, Robusto, Salomon

Perdomo Edicion De Silvo CigarsEstablished in 2003, the Perdomo Edicion de Silvio is just one of the many elite cigars produced under the Tabacalera Perdomo empire. From its top-secret formula of tobaccos kept inside the family, to the privileged 5 torcedors allowed to roll it, the exclusive Perdomo Edicion de Silvio represents the undeniable loyalty and bond within the Perdomo family.

After years of imprisonment and mistreatment in Cuba because of his opposition to Fidel Castro and the Communist Revolution, Silvio Perdomo fought long and hard to escape to the freedom of the United States. Along with his son Nick, they used their freedom in Miami to explore their passion for creating one-of-a-kind cigars. What once began in their own home slowly grew into a major family business, which includes Silvio’s grandson, Nick Jr. Together, they ultimately took on the process of creating the Perdomo Edicion de Silvio using rare antique casks they had discovered. Although Silvio passed away prior to the completion of these unique cigars, Nick Jr. finalized their conception in honor of his grandfather.

This award winning cigar is available in three wrappers, each providing a different smoking experience. The Natural wrapper offers a superb mixture of creamy sweetness with a rich, earthy zing. The darker toned Maduro wrapper also offers a sugary flavor while giving off a hint of cocoa. Last of all, the African Cameroon option releases a nutty flavor, with the same mocha undertone. Among the various vitolas offered with this cigar are the Robusto, Petite Corona, Toro, Grovy, Keeney, No. 2 Torpedo, Double Corona, and the Salomon.

The Perdomo Edicion de Silvio is proof of the extreme level of perfection the Perdomo family has always sought with their cigars. This medium bodied cigar has a pristine appearance, which is reflected in its price. The Natural wrapper is a wonderful sandy brown color. There are minimal veins present, adding to its flawlessness. It sports an amazing band decorated with terra-cotta colored tobacco leaves against a black backdrop. The cigar’s name is shown off in silver, encircling the cigar. The wrapper alone is enough to draw you in with its sweet, yet rich fragrance.

The excellence of the this cigar continues as it is lit. The draw of the Natural wrapper cigar was soothing, with some initial hints of sweetness and spice. The burn is smooth from beginning to end, while the ash is perfectly white and holds its form. The first third begins the complex journey through an amazing cigar experience. To begin with, a sweet flavor dominates, but soon eases into a bit of spice with a trace of chocolate. In addition, there are hints of nutty and peppery tones that come through. The second third pulls the sweet cocoa flavor to the forefront once again, leaving a trace of a peppery seasoning in the background. The final third doesn’t disappoint as the journey continues. The sweet syrupy flavor continues, while finishing off with a zing of woody flavor. The flavors are sturdy and pleasurable throughout.

The Perdomo Edicion de Silvio is an exquisite example of a well-produced cigar. With its production kept to a limited quantity, and its origin a family secret, it continues to be a prized smoke for those who enjoy a strong, complex array of flavors. It provides you with both mild and more intricate flavors, while being robust at times. A perfect smoke for the more experienced cigar connoisseur!


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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