Perdomo 10th Anniversary CigarThe Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary cigar was created in 2008 as a commemoration of Tabacalera Perdomo’s 10th year in business, originally known as the La Tradicion.  There was a lot to celebrate because of how well the original reserve was received and reviewed. 

Originally this cigar, the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary, came with two different wrappers, Cuban Criollo and Nicaraguan Maduro. In subsequent years, a champagne wrapper was added and made with a triple-fermented Connecticut wrapper, and has become wildly popular. As always, Perdomo is known within the industry for creating a cigar with a long history of strong, rich, and hearty flavors. Keeping with this tradition, the Champagne highlights these hallmarks of a Perdomo cigar 

The Champagne version of this cigar makes extra layers of complex, but mellow flavors, keeping with a mild body cigar. This cigar was specifically designed with versatility in mind, making it one to be enjoyed at any occasion or any time of the day, as well as being designed to appeal to a broad cross section of cigar smokers. 

The Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary edition cigar is made from Cuban-seed Nicaraguan blend of specially aged tobacco. This is highlighted with the nuances of a creamy coffee, and a cross of the sweet taste of honey.  

Prior to lighting, a cedar and spice smell can be detected, and upon lighting this gem, the draw is highlighted with that same rich cedar taste.  The cigar is very neatly wrapped and great detail was taken to keep the cigar symmetrical in shape, as well as not revealing any veins. The cap also has a high attention to detail, and the foot was equally as neat, as wells as even, and packed well. 

The Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary edition cigar has an even burn, although sometimes within the first third there are some imperfections, which some smokers found to iron themselves out. These types of imperfections can be a direct effect of uneven toasting. This however doesn’t usually require a relight, making this a very well made cigar. On average, this cigar takes about 90 minutes to smoke, and this is well within the limits for this size of cigar.  

These cigar ashes are a light gray shade, and often some cigar smokers will choose to leave the ash to enhance the flavor. When the ash finally did break away, past the half way point, the cigar remains well lit. These attributes highlight the quality of this cigar.  

Many cigar smokers feel that this Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary edition cigar is near perfect in how it draws. There is no resistance, just a perfect flow of flavor. The taste starts with a mild hint of wood, and quickly moves to a spicy full flavor, but keeps its subtlety as well.  It makes for a nice blend and a great flavor experience.  

Overall this cigar has an excellent reputation for having full flavor, but maintaining its medium classification. It remains a versatile cigar and one that most cigar smokers want to see last. Although it is a classic one-dimension cigar, it is so perfect it should not be tampered with.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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