10th Anniversary Series
The Perdomo Reserve 10th Year Anniversary-Champagne Noir was unveiled during the spring of 2011 by the award winning Tabacalera Perdomo cigar brand. This collection was created to celebrate the success of the original La Tradicion Cabinet Series Reserve line-up as well as the ten triumphant years the brand has been in business. After many obstacles to be overcome, this company proved its place in the industry with high quality, premium smokes. The Perdomo Reserve 10th Year Anniversary-Champagne Noir is one more example of the excellence to be expected from these cigar masters.

Silvio Perdomo and his son Nick, Sr. did not enter the tobacco industry with ease. Both men had dreams and the stepping stones to a bright future before Fidel Castro created devastation in their lives as well as their country of Cuba. With the help of the Catholic Church, Nick, Sr. was able to start fresh in the United States. With the freedom offered within this country, he was able to pursue the dreams and business opportunities with his family. After numerous obstacles, the result can be seen today in the fine craftsmanship and superior cigars the brand produces.

The Perdomo Reserve 10th Year Anniversary-Champagne Noir is a perfect symbol to represent the past ten years of growth and award winning success for this company. It is mild to medium bodied cigar with what reviewers describe as a perfect combination of tobaccos. The wrapper is constructed of Connecticut Shade leaves that have been aged six years. The binder and filler are both of Nicaraguan decent. Dependent on the personal preferences of the cigar smoker, this cigar comes in a variety of sizes to meet each and every one of them. It is available in the Super Toro 6 x 60, Churchill 7 x 54, Torpedo 7 x 54, Epicure 6 x 54, Robusto 5 x 54, and Figuardo 4 ¾ x 56. The Perdomo Reserve 10th Year Anniversary-Champagne Noir comes in a box just as fine as the cigar itself. It is constructed of carefully selected Spanish cedar that is stained in a honey finish to complement the blend inside.

Cigar reviewers agree that this cigar is a much needed addition to any humidor. The appearance is said to be elegant with the slightly oily surface and minimal veins present. It is firmly packed and feels solid in the hand. The Perdomo Reserve 10th Year Anniversary-Champagne Noir has been described as having a smooth taste right from the first puff. The flavors kick off in the first third with a bit of spice while hints of creamy leather seep through. In the second third, the spiciness is said to increase and subtle woody notes accompany it. In the final third, the previously dominating spice notably takes a back seat until the final draws. The creamy effect is said to be present to the very end. One reviewer described the draw as being ideal, while others agreed that the burn was even. There were no touch-ups or relighting required throughout the smoke. The ash was said to be a pale gray color and held long and strong.

Overall, those experiencing this premium smoke agree that this celebratory edition is a great choice for both the beginner and the true cigar collector. It is rather affordable and surely lives up to the praise it has already received.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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