Cigar Sale Pedro Martin Gold At Discount PricesThe Martin family has many different series of cigars, including the Pedro Martin Gold Cigar. This is yet another fine example of the experience this family has in the tobacco industry, and the quality they ensure in their products. The name says it all. The Martin family has been making tobacco products for many generations. It is in their blood. When it comes to experience, not many companies can hold a candle to this family. They started doing this in Spain, then in Cuba before finally moving their product to America. They are the gold standard in the industry, and the Pedro Martin Gold Cigar series is a testament to that.

Let’s face it; cigar smoking is in a class of its own. It is an acquired taste. The people who smoke them usually have a great zest for life, and have good taste. There is a certain amount of pride that the consumers have, so they do not smoke just any product. They search for the best of the best. Many say they have found it when they smoke Pedro Martin Gold Cigars. Consumers can tell just by the way it is constructed that it is the best. It’s carefully rolled with an Ecuadorian-Connecticut wrapper. This allows for a smoother overall taste that lasts all the way through the product. It is tightly rolled, which has many benefits. When a tobacco product is not rolled tightly, the ashes will unexpectedly fall off sometimes creating a mess. This is not a problem with any Martin family product. Because it is so tight, the ashes are solid and hold together much better. The tightness allows for a better draw, which gives the consumer a nice even flow of flavor. The burn is also affected by the tightness. A slow and steady burn makes for a better smoking experience.

Consumers of the Pedro Martin Gold Cigar are raving about the rustic look and the smooth flavor. Reviewers say that it starts with a jolt of a pepper flavor, and then quickly transforms into a pleasant wood that has a nice undertone of spice, and a sugary sweet flavor. In the end, it leaves the consumer with a mild spice and a creamy aftertaste. As expected, the burn line is perfect due to the tightly packed and rolled tobacco. It is not often that consumers find a product with flavor that lasts the entire time. The cheaper made products start off fine, but the flavor dies quickly.

For people looking to enjoy a nice tobacco product, Pedro Martin Gold Cigars are just that. Consumers have come to expect nothing short of excellence from a product that comes from this family. They have a long, rich history in this industry, and it shows in each and every product that is made by them. When people see the company logo, they can smile, knowing that they are smoking something that they will enjoy thoroughly. They are continuing to raise the bar when it comes to the tobacco industry.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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