Pedro Martin Fiera cigars are said to be relaxing daytime smokes for any dedicated connoisseur. Pedro Martin Fiera cigars represent another high quality line-up created by its own legendary namesake. His fine tuned skills and industry expertise are evident in its premium tobacco ingredients as well as its unique, full bodied strength. Reviewers lucky enough to get their hands on this stogie have agreed upon the puro's complex flavors and distinguished appearance. Pedro Martin Fiera cigars carry on the superiority in craftsmanship and smoking depth that the family has been known for from generation to generation.

Pedro's tobacco influences began in 1936, at the age of 15. While he had lent a hand amongst his family's own tobacco crop for years, he began working alongside his father in his cigar factory during his teen years. He continued to work in the Cuban factory until 1961 when he left the country following Castro's confiscation of their land and warehouse. Initially he landed in Detroit, the location of a previous buyer, but in 1978, this experienced man launched his own tobacco business under the name of Tropical Tobacco. Working between Honduras and the United States he started out creating brands such as Solo Aromas and Casanova in small quantities.

Finally, in 1996 the company was able to manufacture a large enough volume of smokes to meet demand and gain a position in the industry's market. As a result of this rising popularity, he created his own Dominican Republic factory in early 1997. Currently, he is known for his elite performance in everything from the growing and selecting, to the cultivation and rolling of his one-of-a-kind smokes.

Pedro Martin Fiera cigars are a prime example of the superior tobacco grown on their land. With its name meaning "fierce" in Spanish it comes as no surprise that this Nicaraguan puro is made up entirely of some of the best Nicaraguan leaves. Its corojo wrapper surrounds a corojo filler and criollo binder. It is produced in four sizes including the Goliath 660, Pequeno, Super Toro, and Torpedo. Each is distributed in affordable boxes of 20.

Cigar reviews agree that right out of the humidor this stick stirs up feelings of enjoyment. The wrapper is brown in color with some thin veining and a slight sheen of oil. No soft spots were identified, while its band of black, silver, and red provide an attractive accent. In the hand, Pedro Martin Fiera cigars are said to smell of farmland and a warm mocha. Its cold draw provides a hint of sweetness and lumber.

Effortlessly fired up, the first draw is said to taste woodsy with notes of sweet chocolate, leather, and spice. These flavors are detected throughout the first third of the smoke. Upon moving into the second third the spiciness subsides slightly while the taste of cedar and leather are described as consistent. A hint of the sweetness continues while a bit of a cherry flavor is detected.

Reviewers recognized a boost in strength going into the final third of the stogie. The existing flavors are said to continue with a nice complementary balance of spiciness, freshly cut wood, leather, and the initial taste of chocolate espresso. From start to finish the burn was described as ideal and the draw even, with just the right volume of thick, velvety smoke. The ash, white with spots of pale grey, held firm throughout.

The 70 plus years that its creator has logged in the industry is obvious in the intricacies and nice flavor balance this smoke has offered to cigar aficionados. At its reasonable price, Pedro Martin Fiera cigars are said to be relaxing daytime smokes for any dedicated connoisseur.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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