Pedro Martin Corojo CigarsThe Pedro Martin Corojo Cigar is just one flavor that comes from the Martin family. This family has a rich history in the tobacco industry. It is a well known and well respected name that every tobacco consumer knows and trusts. Several generations ago, the family started making their own cigars in Spain. Later, they moved to Cuba and carried on the fine tradition they started. Finally, the Martin’s came to America to share their love for tobacco and fine tasting cigars. With a long family history like this, the love and passion for the business runs deep in their blood. There are several kinds of Pedro Martin Corojo Cigars to choose from. This is a fine product and costs a little more than most. The flavor and quality, though, is unmatched.

The presentation and construction of this line of tobacco products is top notch. The wrapper is the first sign of quality and prestige. Consumers will notice the well known logo that just welcomes them, and lets them know that this is a well made tobacco product. It is tightly wrapped so there are no major veins showing. That is a true sign of quality in itself. Consumers like to see that because it reassures them that it will not unravel on them while smoking it. The tobacco will stay nicely compact. The way that it is wrapped directly influences how it burns. Since it is a tight wrap, the burn is nice and steady. The ash holds on and doesn’t just fall off unexpectedly. The solidness of this fine product makes for a good draw. The draw, of course, is how good the smoke comes out when a person inhales it. The Pedro Martin Corojo Cigars all have an excellent draw to them. A well made product makes all the difference.

One of the more popular flavors that consumers love to smoke is the Robusto. People that have reviewed this product love its flavor and quality. The first part of the Robusto has a certain spice to it. There is also the taste of leather and a strong cedar presence. Towards the middle, the spice is still there, but the other flavors turn tangy. The last portion of it leaves the consumer with the spice, tang, and leather tastes. The flavor lasts the whole way through unlike most of its competitors. The Pedro Martin Corojo Cigar line prides itself on making the best product for its consumers instead of making the most money.

This family has spent generations working with tobacco. If they were just the average company, then their name wouldn’t be held to a higher standard. If the consumers didn’t like their products, then they would have been out of business a long time ago. They have built a reputation on quality, respect, and trust. This family knows that it is all about the consumers, so that is why they thrive to cater to the needs and wants of them. Everyone who has tried a Pedro Martin Corojo Cigar will highly recommend it to anyone, because they know excellence when they taste it.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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