Pedro Martin Corojo CigarThe Pedro Martin Corojo cigar is one of the finest Nicaraguan puros in production. This line was first premiered at the 2011 ICPCR trade show. It was released alongside the Ruby and Gold lines as part of the new Gold Series. As has become expected from the Martin Family of Cigars, all three lines deliver pure excellence where many competitors fall short.                

The uniqueness of the Pedro martin corojo cigar is rooted in the company’s unchanged tradition, family values, and production standards. The company was founded in Spain and eventually moved to America under the masterful hands of renowned blender Pedro Martin. Following his death, his daughter Maria stepped in to lead the company. Maria introduced the world to the Gold series using three different blends from her fathers vault.


The Pedro Martin Corojo cigar is a Nicaraguan puro and triple corojo. The blend uses Nicaraguan Corojo for the wrapper, binder and filler tobaccos. All the Nicaraguan leaves used are of a distinctly different region, growing condition, and age. It is this attention to detail that keeps the cigar from becoming bland and delivers a royal showing from appearance to burn.


The appearance of the Pedro Martin Corojo cigar is marked by the wrappers captivating mottled appearance. The classy caramel brown color is constantly shifting between darker and lighter tones, developing a tie-dye pattern. The expert rolling eliminates any visible seams, creates a perfect double cap, and a surprisingly smooth texture. The natural hue hides the sugary oils that gloss the fingers.


The out of box aroma is the same scent one would imagine lingering in the air while chopping down cacao trees. The cold draw tastes of rich, fresh wood, and sweet, yet earthy spice. Upon lighting, the draw was easy to pull and allowed the flavor to develop quickly. The initial taste is of a deep creamy cedar and oak. A delightful cinnamon and light peppery spice tingles and warms the palate during the retrohale. These two dominant flavor profiles were nicely tied together by a leathery undertone and faintly sweet earthiness.


The leathery notes blossomed into a deliciously powerful citrus tang by the second third. This was an intriguing and successful counterpart to the peppery cinnamon and earthy sweetness. The creamy woodsy taste took a background role that served to cleanse the palate and make it easier to distinguish between the other flavors. The final third ended lavishly with a strong citrusy leather and sweet spice to the nub. The kick of the retrohale was matched nicely by the creamy oak taste. This slow burning stogie delivered an even burn line.


The salt and pepper colored ash held together astoundingly and would not fall unless jostled. The stogie’s strength and body started in the medium range but ended with a full body and medium to full strength. The Pedro martin corojo cigar achieved richness in complexity without many drastic flavor shifts.


This is clearly the product of a company concerned with delivering flawless craftsmanship and absolute customer satisfaction. This esteemed and highly recommended cigar is easily worth the price of a box to share with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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