Pinar del Rio Reserva Dominicana Blue CigarsThe flavor and strength of the Pinar del Rio Reserva Dominicana Blue cigars make them a highly sought after stick, and retailers are finding the low price is making them hard to keep on the shelf. They are aromatic, and the strong construction gets them high ratings by critics and smokers alike. The wrapper is a rich, Dominican Habano tobacco, and the unique double binder is a combination of Dominican Criollo and Habano tobaccos. These are definitely priced right, and attracting a wide range of smokers.

The filler is a great blend of Dominican Habano, Criollo, and Corojo tobaccos aged to perfection. The pre-light experience is said to be great, with a unique “blue” double band. It is so smooth that the natural brown wrapper is almost seamless, and the consistent firmness guarantees a lack of soft spots. The cap is well constructed and neat, and the closed foot is a bit shaggy showing off its natural goodness. A quick pre-light draw elicits flavors of sweet hay combined with a slight raisin sweetness.

The shaggy foot can be a bit difficult to light for the novice, but once lit, the Pinar del Rio Reserva Dominicana Blue cigars remain lit and have a sharp, straight burn. There is just the right amount of fragrant smoke with a nice aroma and color, and the ash was said to last about 1.5 inches before dropping. The total burn time was around two hours, and reviewers preferred smoking this gem with a glass of fresh water nearby. The first third was an interesting and pleasant flavor burst of strong spice in the background, and smooth cream taking center stage according to reviewers. The initial flavors are strong but remain pleasant, and over the next few inches an unusual blend of flavors developed. There was a bit of a nutty meadow flavor that took center stage, and continued through until the transition to the second third.

The Pinar del Rio Reserva Dominicana Blue cigars are premium sticks that are said to be very solid, and it was noted that the transition from the first to the second third was quite smooth. Hints of dark cocoa and rich coffee transition into the second third with the spiciness and creaminess being a bit more subdued. The mocha flavor is actually pleasant and not overpowering, so the stick is great as an after dinner treat.

As the stogie transitions to the final third, some solid leathery highlights are noted, and the mocha flavor fades into the background and is replaced by a fresh meadow flavor. Pinar del Rio Reserva Dominicana Blue cigars also gain in strength during the final third. They start out with a medium bodied strength and end somewhere between medium and full strength. The nice surprise for the final third is that the flavors of sweet raisin come forward, and the leather and cedar flavors are holding strong.

The finale of the Pinar del Rio Reserva Dominicana Blue cigars is said to be just as smooth as the beginning, and the strength is definitely full bodied at this point. Novice smokers, however, will appreciate that the stogie is never overpowering, so it is easy to enjoy.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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