Paul Garmirians Artisans Passion Cigars For Sale Online
The Paul Garmirian’s Artisan’s Passion is a stogie well worth a second glance when it comes to getting fine smoke from an extraordinary cigar. PG cigar fans everywhere are sure to celebrate this latest release to this fine family of cigars. This stick was released recently, igniting PG fans around the globe, and the excellence of this high quality cigar definitely shows that there is a lot more to this stogie than the hype.

This is an amazing blend according to most who have tried it. Reviews are exceptional on the Paul Garmirian’s Artisan’s Passion cigar. This beauty comes in three popular sizes, and the price is just right for all price ranges and budgets. If experiencing a robust amazing cigar is a must, anyone will appreciate the excellence and superiority of this PG original.

The Paul Garmirian’s Artisan’s Passion offers a wonderful experience from start to finish. As soon as the smoker opens the box, the wrapper draws attention: Thick, dark, and oily. The veins are not too big or too small, but instead offering a great middle ground as far as thickness goes, providing a great look to this cigar. Usually, PG offers something different in a wrapper, but this wrapper is one of a kind hailing from the best fields in the Dominican Republic.

Of course, the smell is quite unusual offering a unique farm fresh smell not easily duplicated upon first whiff. However, a slow cold draw elicits the taste of chocolate and molasses with a bit of a spicy after taste.

The first third brings forth the image of fine leather coated in rich chocolate. Quite a few individuals claim that the aftertaste is quite spicy with a taste akin to wasabi. However, the first third provides a unique blend of sweetness along with spiciness, making this a popular choice for any smoker as well as becoming a favorite for PG fans.

When it comes to the ash, the flakiness can be a bother to some folks. However, the draw is nearly perfect producing amazing wisps of smoke that curl in the air.

The Paul Garmirian’s Artisan’s Passion provides a cooler spice tone in the second third. The earthy tones come forward with a slight chocolate and molasses finish. The burn stays exceptional with just a few ashes produced all the way through to the final third.

As the final third is entered, the spice finds its way back a bit, but the strength of this medium bodied cigar is amazingly even throughout the entire burn. Many people talk of a slight nicotine hit towards the last part of the smoking experience, however the nicotine is not overwhelming at all with the earth tones evident and enjoyed through to the end.

For a smoker that enjoys a full bodied cigar with earthy tones, the Paul Garmirian’s Artisan’s Passion offers a great choice. PG cigars have a reputation in the industry, and these cigars definitely take PG to a whole new level. People and experts alike rate this almost a perfect ten because of the nicotine draws, but overall, this is one cigar not soon forgotten.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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