Paul Garmirian Symphony CigarsThe newest edition to the PG Limited Edition line is the Paul Garmirian Symphony cigar. As a symphony is conducted, it is a complex and delicate combination of talent and masterpiece when perfecting their performance. Paul Garmirian has taken the same type of excellence and created their 20th edition cigar, The Symphony.

The Paul Garmirian Symphony is a full-bodied cigar with a spicy aroma. The aromas emitted from this cigar are a sweet and aromatic like combination. The cigar produces plenty of smoke with minimal effort on the draw. The consistent ash is an almost perfect hold. The burn is even. The full cigar is a combination of a powerful flavor, with a smooth taste of fine wine, warm tobacco, cereals, and delightfully roasted nuts. The aftertaste is one of lingering spice and cedar. This flavor is persistent throughout the entire smoke. The smoke will last you about two hours and will command your undivided attention. The subtleness and balance of taste are enough to keep you entertained throughout the entire smoke. The smoke temperature is very easy on the palate as well, and warms up just a tad bit toward the end of the cigar.

The only size that the cigar has been released in is the Connoisseur (6x52). The cigar is dark and silky. The texture of the wrapper is oily and leathery with some veins present. Even though the texture is bumpy it is still well packed and has a good weight in the palm. The double band is simple but not really eye catching. The cap at the head of the smoke is constructed nicely. The PG calls the Paul Garmirian Symphony cigar wrapper the “greatest wrapper we have ever seen.” The wrapper is made to a perfect roll with no flaws to be found. PG went to great lengths to top their 15th anniversary blend. This cigar however may not be around for long. There are limited quantities of this cigar and it will not be reproduced.

The Paul Garmirian Symphony cigar is special because of its unique making. Inside the filler tobacco is a mystery leaf that had been aging in Kelner’s warehouse. The origin of the leaf is unknown, and therefore this magnificent cigar will not be able to be reproduced. This makes it even more important to enjoy this cigar while it is still available. The full production run is about 40,000 cigars made up of 2,000 boxes of 20. These cigars are available in over 200 stores in the US and abroad.

PG INC is the importer and distributor of 6 lines of PG cigars and Artisan’s selection. Paul Garmirian is the author of the bestselling book, The Gourmet guide to Cigars. This book was the first cigar book published in the United States. The Paul Garmirian Symphony is a rare, limited released cigar that will not be around for long. It is composed of a combination of tobaccos that have been aging specifically designed for this cigar. The smoke and flavor of this cigar is unmistakable and not reproducible. It has been composed delicately and complexly and leaves a taste that is unique.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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