Where To Find Patron Infused Cigars For Sale OnlinePatron infused cigars blend the best of two worlds, that of tobacco and fine liquor. Produced by Ted’s Cigars, these stogies are “seasoned” with one of the most iconic tequilas in the world, giving them a unique flavor not found anywhere else. Ted’s announced their formal partnership with the tequila giant in October 2013 and has exclusive rights to creating cigars using the liquor. Like Ted’s other smokes, each of these sticks will come in a glass tube that eliminates the need for a humidor. Ted’s has worked with other liquor companies in the past to create a themed cigar, so this is old hat for the tobacco brand.

Ted’s Patron infused cigars use the company’s Añejo tequila during the production process
. The Añejo tequila is aged for at least 12 months in small white oak barrels which give the liquor a slightly woody flavor in addition to its sweet notes. During production, the tobacco is suspended above the tequila and takes on the liquor’s aroma. The tobacco never comes in contact with the tequila but is flavored nonetheless. The cigar comes with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a Dominican Piloto Cubano binder and fillers from the Dominican and the San Andreas area in Mexico. It is medium brown in color and has some light veining. The band is similar to the tequila’s labeling and adopts the same lettering and design marks, including the iconic bee. It is sold in a single vitola, a 6 x 50 Toro. The wrapper’s aroma and the prelight draw both evoke strong tequila notes, though there is a touch of cedar present too.

 In the initial third of the stogie, a combination of tequila, cedar, wood and natural tobacco comes through
. The tequila is the boldest note and adds a bit of sweetness to the profile. Reviewers stated that people familiar with the company’s Añejo tequila will find that it is represented well in the stick. The wood and tobacco flavors stay in the background throughout the first-third and the cedar balances well with the tequila as a primary flavor.

In the second-third of the Patron infused cigars, the tequila is still a primary flavor. It is backed up with strong cedar and wood notes, though the tobacco fades into a tertiary role at this point. About halfway into the stogie, some reviewers detected a slight hint of honey, giving the smoke a tinge of sweetness along with the tequila.

In the final third of the stick, the tequila settles into a secondary role while the cedar, wood and some spice lead the profile. The smoke finishes off with this combination of flavors and ends smoothly, just like the tequila itself.

Normally, with flavored stogies there are some flaws in the performance, but this isn’t a problem with this cigar. Reviewers were happy with both the burn and draw, though it does need the occasional touchup. This is medium bodied and medium in strength and should be a staple for any person who enjoys the taste of tequila or other fine liquors.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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