Partagas Spanish RosadoThe Partagas Spanish Rosado is a cigar that has been creating quite a stir. It is a wonderful medium bodied cigar with an abounding rich flavor that is due in part to the San Agustin wrapper that envelops the divine tobacco. The Partagas Spanish Rosado is an extremely complex cigar that is also very well balanced.

The Partagas Spanish Rosado cigar was brought to us by the talented makers that began their passion for cigars many years ago, with rich Cuban roots. This beautiful stick was named accordingly as the wrapper is a beautiful red tint, and it is exclusively grown for General Cigar in the San Agustin Valley in Honduras. The name “Spanish” refers to the country of Spain and its influence in Honduran history.

This cigar offers a rare taste that aficionados expect from this brand. The Honduran-shade wrapper has a rich appearance. It has a slightly oily sheen and is a deep, reddish-brown in color. Because of the unique soil it is grown in, the wrapper provides a nice spicy bite, while a subtle taste of cinnamon reminds you where it was grown. This cigar burns quite nicely and leaves a solid ash. It also has a Connecticut Broadleaf binder with a magnificent blend of Mexican, Dominican, and Honduran tobaccos. It is a cigar that all would love to have in their humidor.

One truly cannot say enough about the wrapper because it is a true beauty. It makes the cigar look rich and inviting, while imparting a wonderful, full flavor. The construction of this stick of joy is very good, with a firm feel, and it is very well balanced. As previously mentioned, the Partagas Spanish Rosado produces a beautiful white ash and massive volumes of spicy smoke. While the wrapper produces the awesome flavor, it can also be the cause of some uneven burning, so while smoking this cigar, be sure to rotate it for an even burn.

The flavor deserves to be embellished on. While expecting a medium smoke with a touch of spiciness, we received much more than that. This pure stick of smiles is very rich and complex, while being extremely flavorful. Cinnamon and chocolate are the flavors that hit you in the first third of your smoking adventure, while the cigar is warming up. Then, there is a deep woodsy background, which starts in the middle and carries it through until the very end. The cinnamon flavor at times may have a peppery zing that carries over into the sweetness of the cigar, adding another layer of flavor altogether.

The burn of this cigar was in general a good burn, with only a slight issue of unevenness from time to time, but it quickly fixes itself. Overall the Partagas Spanish Rosado cigar is impressive and has a very astute performance. It is a very slow burning cigar that will get kudos from all cigar perfectionists. This is definitely a cigar to keep in your humidors, making it handy for future enjoyment. This time Partagas simply outdid itself when coming up with the Spanish Rosado because of it quaintness and boldness, which offers dual enjoyment. Once you light this cigar with your handy cigar lighter or cigar torch, you will be off in another world of smoking heaven. This is a beautiful cigar – plain and simple. Any description doesn't do it fair justice, you just have to try it for yourself.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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