Partagas Serie S CigarOnly Partagas Serie S offers a various selection of five different Figurado shapes that heightens the rich Partagas flavor in many different ways. Every Partagas Serie S cigar is an exemplary example of the cigar-making profession at its best. This is partly due to the fact that each and every one of them is crafted by the most experienced artisans of the legendary Partagas cigar master Ramon Cifuentes.

The five various shapes of Partagas Serie S are pretty familiar to cigar smokers, some more than others. And like all Partagas Series S, the Figurados are expertly crafted with the finest of Cameroon wrappers. The sweet secret of the Partagas cigars lie in their wrapper leaves that are grown in Cameroon. Cameroon is the Central West African country, and the steaming climate is unique and ideal for producing superb wrapper leaves.

Ramon Cifuentes once determined that he could begin making his Partagas cigars only after discovering the best wrapper leaves were being grown in Cameroon, rather than in Cuba. The Partagas cigar line has the distinguished character of a Cuban cigar, one that is reminiscent of the good old days in Cuba. Partagas is one example of another extension to the Partagas line that offers an incredible complexity without being overwhelming to the cigar smoking circles.

Partagas was introduced and founded in 1845 by Jaime Partagas. However, it only advanced after Ramon Cifuentes and his son successfully journeyed the brand to the Dominican Republic in 1961, when Cuba was under Fidel Castro's rule. Once in The Dominican, Ramon Cifuentes realized that the prime wrapper was indeed grown in Cameroon, Africa. This successfully utilized the leaves to recreate and improve the whole Partagas line of cigars in the Dominican Republic. Partagas Serie S cigars are blended by using the same customary methods that Ramon Cifuentes practiced in Cuba.

This entire cigar line doesn't contain any pajero sizes, however, it only consists of cigars that have tapered heads and feet, and the “S” symbolizes “shapes”. This awesome cigar of Partagas is medium bodied and it offers a variety of complexities that compete and actually keep the blend quite interesting, while also providing a long finish. It is also slightly robust with sweet nuances added in the aftertaste. The entire cigar line is well constructed, although complicated, it remains very smooth and it is a perfect addition to the cigar smoking community that just wants to sit back and reflect and add to its collection a very good cigar, to say the least.

The Partagas Serie S is now hand made in the Dominican Republic, and an excellent extension of the best-selling Partagas line. It is named this unique name because of all the different sizes in this series of shaped cigars. This particular cigar line has been rated 84 to 88 by Cigar Aficionado. It is a reflection of the great cigar master, Ramon Cifuentes. It is a very tasty, satisfying, and robust flavored smoke, which is kept fresh in humidors and will definitely not be kept long in any cigar ashtray.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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