Partagas LR Decadas 2008Ramon Cifuentes, who is always a turbulent perfectionist, became very fascinated with the challenge of creating a super-premium cigar, and he certainly did that with the Partagas LR Decadas 2008. This task proved to be very grueling, but Ramon gave his supreme approval to release the very first Partagas Limited Reserve cigars in the year 1991. To treasure the amazing qualities of a Partagas LR Decadas 2008 is a journey all by itself.

From the time they were introduced, the Partagas LR cigar line was very well known for amazing attention to quality and always striving for the highest of standards, as well as the fact that these gems are not always easy to find. With following rigorous standards, this limited production began in 2005. Partagas LR Decadas 2008 has been fondly called Decadas, which signifies the age of the 10 year old Cameroon wrapper. The tobaccos go through the most rigorous and prolonged aging process in rooms that are built out of Spanish Cedar, and gives the Partagas LR Decadas 2008 its exquisite flavor. And only an average of three cigars in one thousand of the posh Cameroon wrapper leaves are selected to become Partagas LR Decadas brands.

The Partagas cigar line is famous and widely known for the wrapper leaves that are found in the African country of Cameroon. The brand's leaves bring to the cigar smoker a strong flavor and extreme character of class, which keeps it closely knit to its Cuban past. The flavor of the cigar is medium to rich, yet also smooth and mellow, and not at all overpowering. The taste was pretty consistent throughout, making this a very enjoyable smoke. It is also great for cigar shops to advertise, especially for the holiday season as it makes an awesome gift for any cigar smoker in the family.

Few cigar lines can claim the limited nature of the Partagas LR Decadas 2008 because out of every batch of Dominican long filler leaves, there is only one single leaf that is selected to be used in the Partagas LR brand. While this is impressive, the selection process for the wrapper is staggering, to say the least. This entire extraordinary process makes this cigar definitely one-of-a-kind. The flavorful taste for this amazingly relaxing smoke is very mellow and pleasant, with full flavors of coffee and cedar. It is very smooth, and the spice flavor that is there in the background is enticing to anyone that enjoys smoking cigars, and this is one that you won’t allow to sit in your ashtray for very long.

Since the introduction of the Edicion Limitada releases, Partagas has received a new and special size every year, and so far this new size has proven incredibly popular with cigar connoisseurs. Partagas is on of the oldest, original brands of cigars, established in Havana in 1845. The history behind this family line of cigars is amazing, and the legacy is astounding, which is exactly why it is such a wonderful cigar to enjoy while sitting around with friends and family, enjoying all that life has to offer.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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