Wrapper: 10 Year Cameroon                                 Binder: San Agustin Hon

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan                                 Strength: Medium Smooth

Sizes: No. 1 Origin: Dominican Republic

Partagas LR Decadas 2007The Partagas LR Decadas 2007 is another high class cigar created by the great cigar maker, Daniel Nunez. He was determined to produce a top-rate cigar, despite the obstacles and difficulties of doing so. The undertaking was complex, but his experience and determined talents helped to set this line of cigars high above the rest. The Partagas LR Decadas 2007 is a fine example of what the Partagas brand has always produced, high quality, premium cigars.

The core of the Partagas brand begins with the amazing cigar master Jaime Partagas. After years of working in the tobacco industry, he launched the company in 1845. His ownership in many of the finest Cuban plantations truly put the brand on the map from the beginning. Following his untimely death, the business ended up in the hands of Ramon Cifuentes and his father, of the same name. They led the Partagas brand to a leading spot in the global cigar market. That is, until they were halted by the Cuban Revolution and the hard times that followed under the control of Fidel Castro. As a result, Ramon was forced to leave Cuba. Seventeen years later in the Dominican Republic, he made a comeback in the cigar world and never slowed down. In 1978 he sold the Partagas name to General Cigar, giving it new life and a promising future. He continued to pursue new ideas and work for the brand that he had helped build. During this time, he had the opportunity to become a lifelong mentor to Daniel Nunez. A native to the Dominican Republic, Daniel was a well educated man, having attended both Texas A & M on scholarship, and the Tobacco Institute. Daniel ultimately followed in Ramon’s footsteps at General Cigar, and as a first class cigar producer. The Partagas LR Decadas 2007 was one of the many results of the history and knowledge Daniel took from Ramon over the years. It proved to be another success, and a must-have in every elite cigar shop.

The first Partagas Limited Reserve cigar was released in 1991. These limited edition cigars are famous not only for their low production amounts, but for their extremely superior construction. The filler’s tobacco leaves are carefully selected as only one in about every one hundred are placed in orderly lots to be aged. The distinct Cameroon wrappers used in the Partagas LR Decadas 2007 are also hand selected from the brand reserves. Only about three in every one thousand of the highest quality wrapper leaves makes the cut. The cigars and their components withstand a lengthened aging procedure in rooms constructed of premium Spanish cedar. The cigars are than vigilantly watched with every aspect of the process noted to determine which cigars are suitable to represent not only the brand, but the Limited Reserve line of cigars. In the end, those cigars that have passed the test of time and quality are placed in a handmade mahogany box with a certificate documenting its detailed aging journey. The name Decadas is derived from the Spanish word for decade, which represents the period of time their exquisite wrappers were aged.

The Partagas LR Decadas 2007 is a medium bodied cigar that provides a relaxing cigar smoking experience. Its smooth and light flavors provide the ultimate smoke after a long day’s work. The smoke is silky and light, which only adds to the beautiful qualities of this cigar. The exquisite wrapper and one of a kind construction make the lavishness of this cigar a true treasure in itself.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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