Wrapper: Cameroon                             Binder: Mexican San Andrean

Filler: Dominican Piloto, Mexican          Strength: Medium – Full

Origin: Dominican Republic

Sizes: #1, #10, Aristocrat, Fabulosos, Humitube, Maduro #8, Miniaturas, Naturales, Padre, Puritos, Robusto, Sabroso

Partagas Classic CigarThe Partagas Classic is another superior cigar crafted under the Partagas name with the talents of cigar master Ramon Cifuentes at the helm. Ramon has helped to put Partagas on the map ever since he began his tenure at General Cigar. His excellence in the business paired with the one-of-a-kind wrapper from the Dominican Republic lends a hand in this extraordinary tasting, medium to full bodied cigar. This Partagas Classic line is another example of why Partagas cigars are in every serious cigar smoker’s humidor.

It may have been cigar extraordinaire Jaime Partagas that launched the Partagas brand, but the foundation he built would only be enhanced as more talent joined the ranks of ownership there. So much of the Partagas cigar brand’s history and success has been written by Ramon Cifuentes and his father Ramon. They not only led the company to the top of the Cuban cigar ladder prior to Fidel Castro’s control, but they rose back to the top 17 years later when they returned to their passion. Ramon was forced to flee Cuba and never go back at the time of the Cuban Revolution, and ultimately landed in the Domincan Republic. Although he returned to producing five star cigars, he eventually sold the Partagas name to General Cigar, which in turn helped in giving it a brighter future in America. Ramon continued to play a major role in all aspects of the cigar production process at General Cigar. Most famously, he discovered that some of the highest quality wrapper leaves were to be found in the African country of Cameroon, not Cuba. These robust wrapper leaves thrive in the humid, sub-tropical climate there, giving them a particularly rich flavor. The access that Ramon and General Cigar have to these astounding wrappers has put them at the forefront of the pack in the cigar industry, and added to the character of each and every cigar they produce.

The Partagas Classic is not only constructed of those elite Cameroon wrappers, it has a Mexican San Andrean binder, as well as a mixed filler of Dominican Piloto and Mexican tobaccos. The superb cigar rolling that has always been done under this brand gives this strong cigar a flawless appearance. It is offered in a large variety of sizes, which include the Natural #1 6.75 x 43, Natural #10 7.5 x 49, Maduro #10 7.5 x 49, Natural #4 5 x 38, Natural Aristocrat 6 x 50, Natural Fabulosos 7 x 52, Natural Humitube 6.5 x 43, Maduro #8 6.25 x 48, Natural Miniaturas 3.34 x 24, Maduro Naturales 5.5 x 50, Natural Padre 4.1875 x 32, Natural Robusto 4.5 x 49, and the Natural Sabroso 5.875 x 44.

Now we can take a closer look at what’s in store when we light this Partagas Classic cigar. Initially, the Maduro #8 has a hefty flavor right from the beginning. The draw is effortless and smooth on this smoke. The first third provides a sweet flavor with notes of cocoa and spice. The flavors are very distinct and pleasing. During the second third the sweetness continues, while the chocolate and spicy undercurrents mellow slowly. The cigar is burning nice and evenly and the pale gray ash is holding tight. The smoke is velvety and thick. Moving into the final stretch of this cigar-smoking journey, the last third carries us through the sweet syrupy flavor, all the way to the end. The hint of spice is present, but not overpowering. The flavors are consistent from beginning to end. The Partagas Classic fully lives up to the brand’s impeccable reputation.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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