Wrapper: Medio Tiempo (Connecticut)                         Binder: La Vega Especial

Filler: Nicaraguan Ligero, Piloto Cubano Ligero            Strenghth: Very Full Bodied

Sizes: Bravo, Clasico, Corona, Crystal, Gigante, Magnifico, Maximo, Piramide, Prontos

Origin: Dominican Republic

Partagas Black Label CigarThe Partagas Black Label is a prime example of how much the rich history and strength of the Partagas brand continues to thrive when paired with Ramon Cifuentes’ amazing talents and traditions. When those qualities are passed on to those that have the privilege of working for this elite cigar producer, amazing cigars are created. The Partagas Black Label is an extraordinary example of this. The high level of quality and the consistent flavor provides an unique cigar smoking experience.

While the Partagas cigar company was established by Jaime Partagas in the mid 1800’s, so much of the journey the brand has taken was due to the efforts of Ramon Cifuentes and his father Ramon. Prior to Fidel Castro’s harsh control, they led Partagas to the top of the Cuban cigar industry. Forced to leave Cuba, it took Ramon another 27 years before he returned to his amazing talent of producing award winning cigars in the Dominican Republic. While focusing on his cigar business and constantly improving the brand, he became an important mentor to Daniel Nunez in 1974. Daniel was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and eventually attended Texas A & M on a full scholarship, as well as the Tobacco Institute. Daniel would not only become Ramon’s heir, but a master architect in the cigar industry. Following ten years of making the wrapper and binder just right, the Partagas Black Label became an exquisite product of Daniel’s hard work and natural talent.

This extremely full bodied cigar is available in nine sizes including the Bravo 4.5 x 54, Clasico 5.25 x 54, Corona 5.5 x 45, Crystal 5.2 x 50, Gigante 6 x 60, Magnifico 6 x 54, Maximo 6 x 50, Piramide 6 x 60, Prontos 4.1875 x 36. The appearance of the Partagas Black Label is magnificent. The time that Daniel and his team put into mastering the Havana seed grown in Connecticut paid off. Due to the fact that these wrappers are aged 50% longer than most other leaves before they are picked, they have a darker and stronger result. The La Vega Especial binder is grown under the Dominican Republic sun, which contributes to its complex, satisfying flavor. In addition to these remarkable components, the Nicaraguan Ligero and Piloto Cubano Ligero mixed filler are an added bonus to this rich cigar. It dons a sleek black band, representative of its name.

As we retire our lighters and begin to enjoy this Partagas gem, the draw is smooth and effortless, while the larger gauges allow for an ample amount of smoke. The burn is balanced and solid the whole time. The pale white ash is a deep, yet impressive contrast to the dark wrapper, and held strong form throughout the smoke. Despite the strong tobacco aroma that this cigar gives off pre-lit, a sweet cocoa and coffee bean flavor makes itself known right from the beginning. With each puff, new flavors emerge. During the second third, traces of freshly oiled leather surface, while the sweetness subsides just a bit. There seems to be a slight trace of citrus mixed in as well. In the final third, the sweet mocha flavors intensify once again with just a dash of a peppery flavor to top it off. Considering the intensity of the flavors that come through, the Partagas Black Label is an ideal cigar for a relaxing evening.

Daniel Nunez always wanted to produce the very best cigar and this magical gem definitely hits the spot. With its reasonable price and outstanding quality, don’t just let it take up residency in your humidor. Enjoy it!


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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