Wrapper: Cameroon                     Binder: Habano Connecticut

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan        Strength: Medium Spicey

Sizes: Majestuoso 6” x 46            Origin: Dominican Republic

Partagas Benji Master SeriesJust like the cigar company began, the Partagas Benji Master Series is the product of a long time cigar maker in Cuba. Born in Havana, Benji Menendez has not only followed in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, and uncles, but is heir to the largest cigar factory in the Cuban market. In spite of growing up under the guidance of such prestigious men in the industry, Benji chose to learn all aspects and levels of the cigar business by working his way up the industry ladder from the very bottom. He trained in everything from the packing process to management, not missing a department. Following the takeover of the factory in 1960, Benji relocated to the Canary Islands where he produced the successful Montecruz brand. A number of years later Benji started a new chapter in his life in Miami, Florida. That move was just the beginning of his extensive tenure with the General Cigar Company, and the conception of his Partagas Benji Master Series cigar. He created this line to pay respect to one of the other men that was influential in his cigar career, Ramon Cifuentes, a cigar giant in his own right.

This cigar is only offered in one size, which is the Grand Corona, also known as the Majestuoso. The dark cocoa Cameroon wrapper of this 6 x 46 cigar is only one aspect of its flawlessness. It has minimal fine veins all the way through the slightly oily wrapper, and is rolled faultlessly concealing the seam. The Habano Connecticut binder along with the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua blend filler add to the superb strength of this well packed cigar. The Partagas Benji Master Series cigar sports a classic red Partagas label with an additional black portion bearing the blend number and Benji’s own signature.

Now, we’ll pull out our cigar lighter to explore the full experience of the Partagas Benji Master Series. The initial draw is solid and gives off a smooth, sugary aroma. In the beginning, the sweetness lingers, with coffee and woodsy undertones coming through. As we move into the second third of this cigar, the sweet flavor continues, although the woodiness is now at the forefront of the flavor scale. In addition, a slight trace of spiciness has begun to appear. As the cigar is burning, it is noticeable how slow and level it is. Finally, in the last third of this cigar smoking experience, the remarkable consistency of the sweet flavor continues. The hint of spice remains, along with a bit of a forest tone to finish it off. The ash is a pale gray and held strong, burning evenly from beginning to end.

With its production limited to 5,000 boxes, with twenty cigars in each, the Partagas Benji Master Series is an outstanding example of the extensive cigar knowledge and history that Benji Menendez has brought to the cigar industry. This cigar line was recognized as #15 on the list of top 25 cigars in Cigar Aficionado magazine, and can be found in only a select number of cigar shops. It is quite an affordable option for any cigar enthusiast looking for a nice, relaxing smoke after dinner. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, you can enjoy the experience a bit more knowing there was a deep history behind its existence.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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