Buy Para Ti Original Cigar For Sale OnlinePara Ti Original cigars have a unique story all unto themselves. The first thing that makes this product a stark contrast to others in the industry is that they were released by a man who isn’t well known in the tobacco industry. As a matter of fact, many people will recognize Fred Schrader’s name in relation to the wine industry. Fred Schrader of Schrader Cellars in Napa Valley is the man who presents us with the Para Ti Original cigar line.

Schrader won accolades for his Cabernet Sauvignon, and he wanted to celebrate his success with a great cigar. His search for that perfect cigar led him on a hunt for the best tobacco blend that he could find. When he found it, he created his own blended tobacco line. Because he was a connoisseur already, he knew to consult the likes of people such as Pete Johnson. He knew someone of that magnitude of prominence would be able to successfully be involved in the distribution, primarily because of Johnson’s affiliation with Tatuaje.

This line is labeled as an ultra-premium line, and rightfully so. They are produced at the Para Ti factory, which is located just outside of Santiago in the Dominican Republic. Each stick is delivered in its own “coffin” style box. The packaging reflects the same logo as the wine of Schrader fame. These are limited in release and production, so sometimes it is rather difficult to find them, but you will be overjoyed once your search brings you face to face with one of these specimens of tobacco delight.

Perhaps it is almost a fairytale type of product when you consider pairing the best of the Napa Valley wine with the best of the Para Ti Original cigars. There is an elegance to behold just upon viewing, let alone the smoking experience you are about to indulge in.

Para Ti Original cigars include the following: Para Ti Original Canonazos, Para Ti Original Hermosos, Para Ti Original Perlas, and Para Ti Original Prominentes. The Canonazos is available in 6" X 48, the Hermosos is available in 5 1/2" x 52, the Perlas is available in 5" x 40, and the Prominentes is available in a 6" x 60 ring gauge.

The appearance of the Para Ti Original cigar is that of rustic simplicity. The band is rather plain, with a simplistic elegance. The wrapper is a rich, medium brown color. While it may not be the most eye catching product, it certainly doesn’t lack in flavor. These cigars are quite oily, and you will notice a slight earthy aroma when you first pick up this stick. You will also notice just a slight note of chocolate, along with a hint of nutty pepper. Then you will begin to notice a creamy flavor of coffee coming forth. This cigar will finish with a cayenne pepper flavor that will leave you with a powerful sensation. The overall body, strength, and complexity earn great marks with those who have offered a review of this line. This is a great stick to begin your day with, so make sure that you try one the next time the opportunity presents itself.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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