Padilla Studio Tabac CigarFrom an artistic collaboration of two great companies comes the Padilla Studio Tabac Figurado. While this may be the first project, the public can expect many more to follow.

This cigar is made in Nicaragua with a binder and filler that is also Nicaraguan tobacco. The wrapper is Habano Ecuador. The ring gage is 60, and the size is six inches. These smokes will be limited to ten thousand, and they began their release in late August of 2011.

This is a very handsome cigar sporting a brown with reddish undertones wrapper. It has a few veins that can be seen but nothing that is considered to be a major showing. The aroma presents itself as a very earthy smell like one would find in hay and grass around the barn on a farm. There are also hints of a peppery type as well as notes of leather.

The pre-draw on a Padilla Studio Tabac Figurado also includes the taste of leather, but it is accented with a taste that is reminiscent of a graham cracker and a very slight note of pepper.

Reviewers all said that, upon lighting the Padilla Studio Tabac Figurado, the first noticeable thing was the taste of pepper which was light and not overwhelming at all. The hints of a leathery taste still remained, but now coffee and a woodsy type taste, like that of cedar, is also introduced. The tobacco flavor itself was described as being a very nice and sweet note which really complimented the other flavor notes quite nicely. Once they were a little ways into the first third, the peppery taste had all but disappeared.

The middle third of this cigar gets a little stronger, but the flavor remained constant as before with the woodsy notes of cedar and leather along with the coffee. However, now there was a nuttiness that had a sweet overtone introduced that was said to be quite a pleasing taste combination. The strength continues to build through this portion of the Padilla Studio Tabac Figurado.

The last third of this cigar remains true to the tastes and flavors that were present throughout the smoke. The nuttiness that offers a hint of sweetness continues to be present and adds an element of tastiness that all reviewers said just set off all of the other flavors. Through this nutty and sweet flavor came a hint of hay that was also sweet towards the end. The strength continues to build rapidly to end on a full bodied note. It is possible to smoke this one to the nub without it getting hot, and the finish is fantastic.

The smoke emitted from the Padilla Studio Tabac Figurado was ample, and the reviewers noted it smoked like a chimney! The reviewers were extremely happy with the consistency of this cigar as well as the construction. While this is one of the priciest offerings either company has offered, it is absolutely worth the money. It is produced in limited quantities, so they will go quickly. This one is definitely living up to the names from which it came.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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