Padilla Habano Cigars For Sale!Padilla Habano cigars are a smaller line of smokes produced in Nicaragua with an assortment of Nicaraguan grown Cuban tobaccos. The blend is the product of Gilberto Oliva and the famed Ernesto Padilla. This Nicaraguan smoke comes in three sizes: Churchill, Robusto, and Torpedo. While the Padilla Signature blends are better known, these lesser known stogies are worthy of attention as well.

This producer is well known for its attention to craft and construction, and the Padilla Habano cigars are no exception. Each one is very well put together and packed front to back. This stick is free of random hard or soft spots, and nothing about the wrapper looks cheap or poorly made. The paper shines with a nice, healthy gloss. There is minimal veining in the paper, and the color is a rich chocolate brown. The seams are prominent, but tight and well done. This stick has a double cap, and a heavy, thick handle. The aroma is peppery and a little earthy. Some smokers detect a strong tobacco aroma underneath the pepper and earthy layers.

Upon lighting, reviewers noted that there is a tight draw that releases a touch of smoke with multiple flavors. Most smokers taste a medium body combination of smooth, creamy and wood flavors. Into the experience there is a shot of pepper and some spicy notes while drawing, and eventually some excellent transitions into spice and caramel. Sometimes, stogies with syrupy or sugary flavor notes can leave a residue or coating in the mouth. Not with these, as stated by those who have tried them. The flavor builds strongly while working through the stick. Near the end, they were said to have some strong chocolate and coffee flavor notes come through with the draw, really opening up, releasing a nice amount of fragrant smoke. Some smokers pick up a faint nutty taste near the end. Padilla Habano Cigars finish extremely well. The ending puffs leave a smoke that encompasses woody, leather and chocolate flavor layers, mixed with a strong tobacco flavor. Reviewers say that the flavor holds strong, down to the nub in most cases. The finish stays sweet and hangs on the palate for a good while.

Overall, it is a medium to full flavor profile. With Padilla Habano cigars, the stick burns just right and leaves a compact, white ash. There is little doubt, when puffing on one, that they are well put together.

So what stands out when talking about Padilla Habano Cigars? Nearly all smokers, beginners and aficionados alike, are quick to point out the quality of the construction. The draw and burn are extremely sharp, and the ash holds firm and holds on to the stick until it appears to defy gravity. It is not unusual to hear someone who has had one of these sticks mention that the ash held on until they had to remove the band. The wrapper is tight, burning just right and leaving a nice even edge.

Most also enjoy the value of the brand. For a stogie that offers impeccable craftsmanship and an interesting flavor profile, it is nicely priced. It is well regarded among cigar reviewers and publications and is an ideal stick for all who enjoy a great smoke.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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