Padilla Cazadores CigarsThe makers of Padilla Cazadores cigars manufacture handmade smokes from factories situated in Nicaragua and Miami, presenting itself as a strong competitor in the industry that produces high quality products. The line that features Padilla Cazadores cigars was introduced with economic friendliness in mind, providing quality and style with minimum strain to the aficionado’s wallet and offering the most prevalent vitolas with Robusto, Torpedo, Churchill, and Toro sizes available in this series. At less than five dollars per stick, this product provides value without any diminished quality to the consumer.

The size of the stick varies with the personal preference toward the vitolas, offering a common selection available to suit the taste of most smokers. All are hand made with the same smooth attention to detail and luxury prevalent in this company's brand. This line consists of five different sizes: the 5x50 Robusto, 6x52 torpedo, 7x48 Churchill, the 6x50 Toro, and the 6x60 Toro Gordo.

The band of the Padilla Cazadores cigars is ornate, complimenting the smooth chocolate color of the wrapper, comprised of rich Ecuadorian Habano. This tobacco wrapper provides a fresh, sweet smell and soft touch with no oily sheen. The veins provide a pleasant nuance to its handmade construction without adding any cosmetic flaw, keeping with the tradition of this company by providing a quality product at an exceptional value. It is no wonder reviewers have referred to this particular product as the silver tobacco lining the economic thunderstorm, creating a product for those keeping a tight budget but maintaining their high level of expectation for this pastime.

Hailing from Honduras, Padilla Cazadores cigars are comprised of a Nicaragua binder and a core of Nicaraguan long filler. This company has high standards for flavor and always ranks quite well among reviewers for the complex palate their products offer. This series is no different, the Nicaraguan tobacco used to create these sticks produces the high quality taste and even burn aficionados have come to expect from the company. This tobacco combination is said to be rich and luxurious with a woody note and good spice, offering a long, pleasant finish of cedar and sweet tastes.

Typical for this company because of their attention to detail and quality tobacco, reviews for this series have been quite positive. For the rich taste and high end craftsmanship of this product, reviewers are doubly impressed by the affordable price. It was noted by one reviewer that the smoke is not as complex as other sticks in this company's line, but the product does not suffer much for the loss. It has still managed to rank superior above many other, much more expensive products, and the smoke still provided pleasant notes of spice, nuts, and woodsy earth. The initial smell of this product was compared to hay, being very earthy and pleasant with a slight flora undertone.

As aficionados have come to expect with this brand, Padilla Cazadores cigars provide the complex, rich experience for the palate while maintaining a refreshing price. Reviewers were pleased with the spice, also complimenting its buttery, almond, pepper, and sweet leather noted finish.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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