Padilla 1968 CigarsPadilla 1968 Cigars are said to be a medium to full bodied smoke, built with a Cuban-seed Corojo wrapper that offers a particularly alluring red tone to its dark, oily exterior. They are produced in Honduras by Tabacalera Aguilar and manufactured by hand with a blend of highly prized Nicaraguan and Cuban-seed long filler tobaccos. Of the tribute series this company has produced in dedication to the owner's father, this particular stick is the only one hand rolled in Honduras. The high quality tobacco blend utilized in this stick takes precedence in the product's flavor, cultivated from the renowned growing regions of Jalapa and Condega within Honduras. The long filler is responsible for the complex flavor while the Cuban-seed Corojo wrapper balances the undertones with supple sweetness. This has resulted in a well-blended product that features distinct notes of spice, wood, and leather that is unique to the Padilla 1968 Cigars. The wrapper and long-filler combination brings about a crisp clip and fluent draw for the aficionado.

Reviewers of the Padilla 1968 Cigars are most drawn to the Robusto, which at five inches long has a ring gauge of 50, supplying rich, strong flavor and a quicker smoke. Other vitolas are available in this series as well, including Toro, Torpedo, and Churchill, which also garnered high praise and applause for their complex and luxurious flavor on the palate. The Golden Bear measures in at six inches long, and like the other vitolas it is built with a nice feel and weight to it. It is clear by the strong build of this stick that the creator meant business when constructing the blend and choosing the wrapper, with the full strength and weight of this stick leaving quite an impression on critics.

Reviewers noted the flavor of this series, complimenting the deep spice and coffee aroma. When asked for a comparable smoke, one reviewer went on to say that the Padilla 1968 Cigars were in a class by themselves. Quality is standard for this company, and this particular series is no exception, going so far as to even exceed the set expectations for many reviewers. The slightly creamy undertone of leather with a touch of cedar-laced spice puts this series in a class by itself. This company has mastered the flavor profiles of spice in their blends, and this stick is no exception to that, proving that a good smooth spice is kept in balance by the wrapper.

The hand rolled in Honduras construction is impeccable, with the kind of nuances that add style and class to the stick, providing a perfect draw that reviewers raved about and could not compliment enough. The thick wrapper gave pause to some reviewers until they sampled the smoke and found that the creator knew what he was doing. The wrapper gives this stick its cream notes, balancing the spice and earth of the blend perfectly according to those who tried it.

Ernesto Padilla initially created this particular product with his father in mind, with the year in the blend's name representing the year his father, a poet, wrote a piece speaking out against the Communist regime. This poem would eventually lead to his father's imprisonment and, ultimately, his immigration to the United States. Ernesto has created a series of tribute smokes in honor of his father and Padilla 1968 Cigars are the third and final installment. This company is quite a contender in the world of tobacco, and this stick lives up to company standards.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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