Padilla 1948 CigarsBeing reviewed as mild to medium bodied smokes, the Padilla 1948 cigars are Nicaraguan masterpieces. These smokes are a line offered by the company as a way to commemorate the owner’s father, Ernesto. Featuring a filler of Criollo and Corojo, as well as a binder that is Criollo, these are said to be wonderful sticks that are full of flavor. The wrapper comes from Nicaraguan tobacco.

The reviewers found the fact that this medium strength smoke could pack such a wallop of flavor-filled goodness to be a happy surprise. There are flavors to be enjoyed such as those that would be found in any field or farm, such as hay, earth, leather and wood. There are also other notes that combine to become a phenomenon of palate pleasing flavors such as creamy spice and pepper. Caramel is also noted to be one of the taste sensations that are found in this great stick. The Padilla 1948 cigars are the types of smokes to enjoy on a lazy afternoon when there is not a need for something that is overpowering.

Some of the lines that are featured by this company are as follows:

• Maduro

• Hybrid

• Miami

Signature 1932

• Obsidian

• Dominus

• Artemis

La Terraza

The company behind Padilla 1948 cigars is known for its wonderful rolling techniques. They are known as a boutique company which usually means that their product is offered in a rather small quantity. This is done in an effort to concentrate solely on the quality of the product. As popularity of the lines increase, it is remarkably difficult to find them. Most aficionados all report that if one is lucky enough to happen upon them, they should buy a few extra to stock the humidor with because of their rarity.

It is hard to believe that the man who started it all was originally educated and then labored in the art world. His work was done with advertising companies and using his degree in the arts and sciences that he had earned. This line of work got him involved with the tobacco industry, and the rest as they say is history.

The Padilla 1948 cigars are a line that not only celebrates the past but also recognizes the rich future that lies ahead. From the hands of an artist came a great line of smokes that is known as being one of the best in the business.

Perhaps the thing that has made the Padilla 1948 cigars so popular and sought after is that the company has a way of picking the best tobacco leaves from those that are available. The attention to such details as this, have gone a long way towards giving the company the excellent reputation that it enjoys today. When this much work goes into each and every offering, it is understandable how the company has risen to the ranks that it has. With reviewers giving it the thumbs up time and time again, it is surely going to stay on the horizon for many years to come as one of the best tobacco producers out there.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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