Ortega Wild Bunch Big Bag John CigarOrtega Wild Bunch cigars are a limited edition stogie with the Big Bad John “Jackhammer” released in January of 2013. The plan is to release one new stogie each month of 2013, with the Iron Mike “I-Beam” being scheduled for February, and the Island Jim “Wahoo” planned for March. Other potential names may include the “Honest” Abe and the “Fast” Eddie, but those names are simple speculation at this point. What is guaranteed is a high quality stogie filled with robust flavor blends, and a lot of sampler packs to get the aficionado a more complex experience.

The series starts strong with the recently released Big Bad John “Jackhammer”. It measures 6 7/8 by 60, and is available in boxes of 20. There are only 500 boxes produced, so the enthusiast will want to get them quickly. It is a large stogie when it comes to both ring gauge and length, but it is reported to be a smooth offering with a couple surprising twists.

Ortega Wild Bunch cigars are sure to please, and fans around the world are awaiting the release of each new stick in the series. If the Big Bad John “Jackhammer” is any indication, the series will be a smashing success.

The Jackhammer has the classic reddish-brown clay color, and it is constructed with a Nicaraguan Habano Rosado wrapper. It is sturdy and thick without any soft spots, and the visible veins give it a nice rugged look. The wrapper is only slightly oily, but the sheen only adds to the aesthetic value of the stick. Neal Wollenberg worked on the graphics during the project, and the double bands are attractively unique and definitely guarantee it will make quite the first impression.

Since the Garcia family is known for producing a spicy kick, especially during the first third, one surprise is the lack of any serious pepper or spice flavors in the Ortega Wild Bunch cigars. The first third is said to start with a pleasant combination of cedar, pepper, and cherry, but it lacks the blast so the pepper flavor is more of a secondary note than in the forefront. There is a definite creamy flavor heading towards the second third, but there are no strong transition flavors that were noted.

The second and final third are described as a smooth continuation of the first third. The flavors are a creamy blend of floral and cherry in the forefront, and then almost baker’s spice and cedar in the background. The finish is cool and the nub remains firm. The Big Bad John “Jackhammer” is a great kickoff to the Ortega Wild Bunch cigars and what promises to be a great series.

The construction is as outstanding as the flavor blend. The straight burn line is said to be stable from start to finish, and the ash holds firm, producing an attractive salt and pepper color. The burn rate is ideal with a steady temperature that does not get too hot. Breezes are known to cause some issues with big ring gauge stogies, but reviewers claim this did not have an adverse effect on the smoking experience.

Ortega Wild Bunch cigars are highly anticipated, and the Big Bad John “Jackhammer” is the January addition to the monthly series. There is a smooth equilibrium when it comes to body and strength, and this stogie is sure to please any smoker with its balanced attributes. With its limited stick production, aficionados should grab these as quickly as they are released to guarantee availability and enjoyment.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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