Ortega Serie D CigarsThe Ortega Serie D cigars are the first line of stogies offered by Eddie Ortega. They are made in the My Father factory. The different sizes offered are the no. 6, no. 7, no. 8, no. 10, and no. 12. The smokes are box pressed and wrapped in a Mexican San Andres wrapper. The brand uses tobacco grown in South and Central Americas mixed consistently with quality tobacco from Estelí and Jalapa. The Ortega Serie D cigars are commented upon as being well constructed and medium to full-bodied in strength.

The no. 6 in the line is 4.5 inches with a 48 ring. This particular stogie in the Ortega Serie D cigars line is reminiscent of Padron 1964 maduro, but with a kick. The no. 7 is 5 inches with a 46 ring and is a full flavored stogie with a solid build. The no. 8 is a 5.5 inch by 50 ring size and tastes of cocoa, espresso bean, and red wine. The no. 10 stogie is 6 inches by a 52 ring and boasts a flavor of maduro with slight bitterness. This leaves the no. 12, a 5 inches by 52 ring size. The no. 12 is found to hold a dry, burning wood characteristic. The smoke was said to have a draw that consisted of a syrupy sweetness and a slightly bitter finish. As each smoke finishes, the different flavors can be easily detected. As they held the smoke only in the mouth, they stated that the flavors change. This occurs because of the wrapper and the layering of the filler. Oftentimes, wrappers will deliver their own added twist to the tastes of the stogie. The layering is done to create unique blends at different points in the cigar.

The multiple sizes in the Ortega Serie D cigars bring out a variety of flavors and aromas. The wrapper of the no. 8 carries a very sweet cinnamon scent. The no. 12 is said to taste similarly to black coffee, dark chocolate, and figs. Each stogie carries different characteristics that reviewers happily point out; such as the chalky texture that the no. 12 leaves in the smoker’s mouth. As the no. 12 is finishing, reviewers said they could detect a bit of sourness in the smoke’s flavors. As each cigar progresses, reviewers said that new flavors emerged and old ones mellowed out, all mixing together to form new flavor blends for the smoker’s enjoyment.

When the stogies are manufactured and rolled, they are packed in boxes to achieve the box pressed look. Box pressing is packing the smokes in tight stacks within a square package. It is believed that this method assists the harmonization of the moisture left between the filler, binder, and the wrapper. By box pressing, the moisture is quickly evaporated, leaving the cigars perfect for the aficionado.

The Ortega Serie D cigars are an affordable option for any level of aficionado. Each size offers a new sensation, allowing for a variety of smoking choices. Whichever the aficionado chooses to sample, it is obvious that they will not be disappointed. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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