Ortega Cubao Cigars Are Rated Deliciously Strong.The Ortega Cubao cigars are a remnant from Eddie Ortega’s and Erik Espinosa’s company, EO Brands. They were originally released in 2008, but EO Brands has been dissolved since then and its blends split up among Eddie and Erik. Years later, Eddie has decided to re-launch the popular stick in the Sumatran blend. The same tobaccos are used in this version, but it will be available in a new set of vitolas with new packaging. Since the move from EO Brands, Eddie has pushed for more traditional, cleaner branding with his products, and this stogie is no different.


The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Sumatran, the binder is from Esteli and the fillers from Jalapa. The Ortega Cubao cigars are available in six vitolas, including the No. 1 (6 1/2 x 49), the No. 2 (6 x 52), the No. 3 (6 1/2 x 38), the No. 4 (4 1/2 x 50), the No. 5 (6 x 50) and the No. 7 (6 x 42). The wrapper is chocolate brown in color and has a slightly rough look to it. There is some medium veining and a little tooth, but the stogie comes with some good heft. The band is light brown, dark brown, gold and white and features a gold design that looks like a flower, flanked with the name of the stogie in white. The pre-light aromas consist of some floral and earthy notes. Some reviewers also detected some sweeter cocoa notes and a touch of pepper.

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The first third of the Ortega Cubao cigars starts off with a punch of spice, though it doesn’t taste like pepper. It’s closer to cinnamon and some lighter baker’s spices according to reviews. It’s filled out with some earth tones that enhance its power. The retro-hale splices together some tingly floral flavors with a strong peppery base, giving it a unique taste.


During the second third of the stick, the sweet cocoa present on the pre-light shows up again. It is accompanied by the cinnamon and baker’s spices present in the first third. The retro-hale still has some strong floral and pepper notes. Reviewers found that the second third develops the flavors really well, leaving a pleasant taste on the palate between draws.


In the final third of the Ortega Cubao cigars, some smoked meat notes start showing through and are backed up with a little peppery spice. As a result, the profile switches from sweet to savory in this part of the stick. This combination of flavors holds true until the end, with the smoked meat and pepper notes dueling for prime position and the earthy notes staying in the background as a secondary flavor.


The Ortega Cubao cigars are full bodied but medium in strength, so they provide a lot of flavor without overwhelming the smoker with too much nicotine. The burn and draw are both very good, but a smoker needs to be careful not to draw too hard on the stogie, or it may cause the burn to go wayward some. These sticks are perfect for an enthusiast who wants to try out a decently strong smoke that packs a lot of flavor into the blend.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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