Ortega Cigars provide the variety adventurous smokers crave.The Ortega Cigars Company, started by Eddie Ortega with the help of Erik Espinoza in Esteli, Nicaragua, has become a business that is legendary in its own right. Eddie, claiming to have begun smoking casually in his late twenties, says he became a smoking advocate when he built his own line of cigars. When asked if he only smoked his own brand of stogies, he laughed and stated that he will always try new brands of smokes. The large array of styles, brands, and flavors out there can really tempt any person’s palate.


Eddie’s Serious Collection makes use of unassailably unique blends of tobaccos that produce extremely smooth smokes with distinctive personalities unlike any others out there. Using only the finest raw materials, these sticks make use of tobaccos that are mostly a blend of Nicaraguan varieties. Once the stogies are packed with an array of flavors, the wrappers and bindings set off the finished products beautifully. With a large number of different selections to choose from, this series creates a wonderful stick for any smoker.


The wide range of products in this series includes many different tobaccos, wrappers, and bindings. Some of the most common tobacco choices are Nicaraguan blends from Esteli and Jalapa, Ecuadorian Habano, Connecticut Broadleaf, and also Connecticut Natural. With such a large assortment of tobaccos, Ortega Cigars can be sure to interest the palates of most cigar smoking enthusiasts.


Which Ortega Cigars do variety-seeking aficionados buy?

Ortga Serie D cigar offers a premium stick for everyone. 

The most popular Ortega lines are the Serie D Natural Blend and the Wild Bunch series.
Both lines create unique tastes and blends and no two stogies are the same. The Series D “Natural Blend” is a superior smoke that is made with an Ecuador Habano wrapper and filled with premium Nicaraguan tobacco. Ortega Cigars creates this smoke to have a soft texture that is full of deep scents and tastes. The smooth smoke starts out with a creamy impression of cedar that mellows out into an essence of roasted nut and cocoa. These flavors blend together for a relaxing even smoke that is robust in both flavor and experience.


The Ortega Wild Bunch Cigar Series is a collection of stogies that are named after some infamous characters. The most noted are Wild Bill, Tony the Boss, and Fast Eddie. Although these fine smokes are in the same series, they are completely different in flavor and quality.


Ortega's Wild Bunch skates the edge of the envelope for serious aficionados.

Fast Eddie is comprised of Nicaraguan tobacco wrapped in an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper that generates a soft creaminess in the smoke. This stogie is a medium strength and body smoke. The Wild Bill sticks are Nicaraguan tobacco covered with Nicaraguan Habano Wrappers. They are a bit stronger compared to the Fast Eddie vitolas. Tony the Boss offers sticks that are a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos covered in Ecuadorian Natural wrappers for a smoother, more subtle experience. Every flavor of this variety can tempt a smoker to bust open a wrapper and light one up.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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